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Facebook Confirms The Future Of Oculus

Facebook hasn't had the easiest of times in the world of virtual reality. The Oculus Rift was supposed to usher in a new age of interactivity using VR, however, things didn't quite go as well as Facebook had hoped. Now the future of Oculus is being questioned by some onlookers, but Facebook has confirmed what the future of will be for the Oculus.

Vader Immortal Is A New Star Wars Series In VR

A new VR experience starring the Dark Lord of the Sith is scheduled for 2019.

Oculus Has Fixed A Massive Headset Problem

It's been a rough couple of days for Oculus Rift users, with headsets all over the world reportedly deciding to stop working on Wednesday, March 7. The good news is that the problem was an easy fix and the team at Oculus has now addressed the situation.

Star Trek Bridge Crew Can Now Be Played Without A VR Headset

Ubisoft opted to completely remove the VR requirement from their first-person, bridge-crew simulator, Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

Job Simulator Dev's Next Game Is Vacation Simulator, Of Course

Owlchemy Labs is obviously working on a new game following on the success of Job Simulator for VR HMDs like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. However, when a company focuses on VR simulators, it should come as no surprise that its next game is called Vacation Simulator.

VR Headsets Just Hit A Major Milestone

VR HMDs are still quite expensive, but some enthusiasts are giving them a go. In fact, during the third quarter of this year alone there has been a major milestone hit with the amount of VR headsets that have shipped out across the PlayStation VR, the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive.

The Oculus Rift Is On Sale For Thanksgiving Weekend

Fancy increasing your technology library with a VR headset? Well, Oculus is attempting to make the decision a lot more lucrative with a steep discount on the Oculus Rift VR headset. However, you'll only have this Thanksgiving weekend in order to cash in on the deal.

VR FPS Gunheart Makes A Major Update, Including A New Campaign

Gunheart is earning a lot of buzz in the VR space these days and, following its most recent update, we imagine the excitement will get kicked up a notch or two. The game now supports a bunch of new missions, a story-driven campaign and more.

Oculus Is Coming Out With A Much Less Expensive Headset

If the whole VR craze has you interested in the tech but you just can't get over the steep price, there's a new Oculus headset on the way that's a lot smaller, reduces the cable-cord overhead, and also costs just a fraction of what the bigger PC version costs.

Pixar's First VR Experience Explores The Land Of The Dead

You would think that Pixar's very first foray into the realm of VR would be something bright, cheery, whimsical and airy... right? Well, Pixar decided to take a completely different route with its new VR project for the Oculus Rift called Coco VR.

VR Shooter From Other Suns Now Has An Open Beta

Oculus Rift users have been able to partake in an open beta for the upcoming VR shooter From Other Suns from Gunfire Games.

Settlers Of Catan Is Getting A VR Edition

Developers Experiment 7 recently unveiled a new trailer for Catan VR. It's a virtual reality take on the classic old-school game made by Klaus Teuber. Working with Asmodee Digital, the upcoming title for VR headsets takes the original board game and updates it for today's generation of gaming for VR headsets.

Rez Infinite Hits PC With VR Support

Now here's some news a lot of people probably didn't expect to see. Monstars Inc., Resonair and Enhance Games made it possible for PC gamers to enjoy the previous Dreamcast and PS2 release of Rez, on Steam right now.

Oculus Rift Is Currently Available For A Killer Deal

It's been repeatedly established that a lot of people just aren't all that interested in VR due to the high price. Well, Oculus is changing that around by offering a killer deal on the Rift, dropping the price down to a crazy offer.

How To Get Echo Arena VR For Free This Weekend

Ready At Dawn departed from focusing on Sony exclusives to working on a new VR title called Echo Arena. The new game currently has a free trial taking place this weekend, enabling gamers to get in game time with the physical, VR sports multiplayer game.

Oculus Is Closing An Award-Winning Division

Facebook made a rather bold decision recently by closing down one of the studios for Oculus. The division was actually an award-winning division for the company and helped bring some critically positive reception to the virtual reality space.

Conan O'Brien Gets Angry With VR In The Newest Clueless Gamer Video

A new Clueless Gamer segment has popped up with Conan O'Brien, and this time the late night talk show host and comedian decided to take a tour of the world of virtual reality. But, things don't quite turn out as well as one might have hoped.

Rick And Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality Trailer Gives Us Everything We Want In VR Gaming

We knew that a new game was in the works based on the Rick and Morty television show, and we already knew it was in development from Owlchemy Labs, but now we have some brand new gameplay that shows us everything we could have ever wanted out of VR gaming.

Oculus Co-Founder Is Leaving Facebook

After bringing virtual reality tech to the forefront of mainstream with the help of Facebook, Palmer Luckey is now stepping away from the company and seeking to pursue endeavors elsewhere.

The Initial Rock Band VR Setlist Looks Like A Great Start

Harmonix getting back control of Rock Band from Electronic Arts has allowed them to be a bit more free spirited with how they approach content for their game. Well, one of the things they're doing is embracing VR and they just released the initial setlist of songs for Rock Band VR.

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