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One Piece: Burning Blood Introduces New Support Characters

Shonen Jump's popular One Piece has still managed to keep its audience long after it debuted more than 15 years ago. The series has spawned multiple video games and spin-offs, including the upcoming title Burning Blood. In preparation for its release Bandai Namco revealed some of the support characters that players will be able to utilize on the field.

One Piece: Burning Blood Unveils Official Release Date And New Playable Characters

It looks like One Piece: Burning Blood finally has a launch date here in North America, as well as a list of new characters being introduced in the game. Get ready to brawl pirate-style on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Xbox One.

One Piece Vs. Dragon Ball Z First Scan Released

Namco Bandai is doing it. They're going for it. They're aiming to unleash a hot tamale and do it in style. They're going all out. That's right, it's One Piece Vs Dragon Ball Z, tentatively titled Project Versus J and a new scan has surfaced. Unfortunately there's no real information about the game other than that it's a crossover.

One Piece Pockie Pirates Enters Open Beta Soon

Avast, yo-ho-ho and all that jazz. If swashbuckling on the high seas is your idea of a good time, then you’ll want to keep your eye out for Game321’s Pockie Pirates, a strategy game for men of fortune set to enter open beta in July. You might know the source material better here in the States as the hit anime, One Piece

One Piece: Pirate Warrior Action-Heavy PS3 Screenshots

Namco Bandai released a large cache of new screenshots for their upcoming seafaring, anime adventure game, One Piece: Pirate Warrior. The game, based on Shonen Jump's popular manga and TV series of the same name, thrusts players into a comical world full of non-stop action and jocular mischief.

Namco Bandai Takes Top Spot In March Thanks To One Piece

In regards to software market share value for March, a surprising publisher took the top spot in Japan thanks to a crossover game that put one of the most popular mangas ever in league with one of the most popular hack-and-slash genres of all time.

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