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Weekly Recap: Sony Buys OnLive And 5 Other Shocking Stories

OnLive is officially shutting down at the end of the month after a buyout from Sony. Nintendo discusses the future of the Wii U, and Halo 5 gets an official release date. These stories and more in this edition of the weekly recap.

Sony Bought OnLive To Shut It Down

When it comes to competition, sometimes the best form of competition is no competition. Well, that's how Sony sees the digital streaming landscape because they bought out OnLive just to shut it down, giving PlayStation Now one less competitor to worry about.

War Thunder Soars Onto OnLive

OnLive is set to become a battlefield as Gaijin Entertainment announces the launch of War Thunder on the game streaming service, offering up free-to-play plane and tank combat for all to enjoy.

Vanguard Princess Brings Female Fighting To OnLive

If you’re rocking the OnLive game streaming service and are looking for a new fighting game, then eigoMANGA has just the brawler for you. It’s called Vanguard Princess and it’s available starting today on all OnLive supported devices.

If You Die Your Digital Game Collection Is Lost Forever

You know how when it was time to graduate into a bigger, better gaming experience, you would sometimes offload your old collection to a friend or family member. Well, you can't do that with today's games...not the digital ones, anyway. In fact, one gaming journalist went so far as to contact big gaming companies about a right to transfer if he unfortunately bites the dust, and the response he receives from one of the companies is a bit unsettling.

OnLive Lays Off Employees, Files For A Form Of Bankruptcy

The OnLive saga has taken a steep turn in an unforeseen direction. The company isn't shutting down but is being taken over by a new private equity firm as a means of getting out of their heavy debt. In the process, however, all the OnLive employees have been laid off save for a few key figures and most won't be getting their jobs back under the new leadership.

OnLive Will Support Ouya When It Launches

OnLive, one of the leading Cloud-based gaming services will be providing content for Ouya users at launch. That's right, the hundreds of games via OnLive's Cloud library will be at the fingertips of Ouya users. That automatically makes Ouya a console with the largest launch line-up in the history of gaming.

OnLive Offers Free Civilization V With Purchase of Gods And Kings DLC

Civilization V is expanding, conquering new territory on the cloud-based gaming frontier with a recent release on OnLive. Even cooler news is the fact that Sid Meier's world conquering simulator is 100 percent free through the game streaming service with the purchase of Civ V's first expansion, Gods and Kings.

OnLive Brings L.A. Noire: Touch Edition To Tablets

OnLive sent out word that L.A. Noire: Touch Edition is currently available for use via the OnLive cloud streaming service on mobile tablets, PCs, Macs and TV.

Saints Row: The Third Trailer Explains The Trouble With Clones

"The Troubles With Clones," the last announced DLC for Saints Row: The Third, will be debuting this week. "Clones" uses a little sci-fi magic to bring back Third Street Saint Johnny Gat.

Saints Row: The Third Bloodsucker DLC Lets You Be A True Vampire

Saints Row: The Third who would rather be playing a Twilight game will soon find relief. Volition is planning to release a Bloodsucker DLC pack for the game this week.

Saints Row: The Third Getting Free CheapyD DLC

Back in 2010, Volition auctioned off a Saints Row: The Third role for charity. The winner, CheapAssGamer's CheapyD, is the star of a new, free DLC pack. The CheapyD DLC pack will arrive on all platforms on January 17th.

OnLive Now Supports Androids, Tablets; iOS Support Coming Soon

If you wanted to play console games on your mobile phone, well it looks like the option has come a lot sooner than most people expected with the OnLive cloud app now available for Android smartphones and tablets.

OnLive $5 Deals Last All Week Long

Steam isn't the only digital service that can offer next-to-nothing prices and deals on old, new and popular games alike. OnLive has announced that their usual $5 Friday will be extended to run all week long, with a different game each day getting the $5 treatment.

OnLive Labor Day Sale Sees Hot Games At 75 Percent Off

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Braid, Borderlands and other top notch, triple-A game titles are all currently available on OnLive for up to 75% due to the labor day holiday. The best part about it is that you don't need a high-end PC, laptop or expensive game console to even play these games.

Dead Island Digital Comic Released

Today Dead Island publisher Deep Silver released a six-page digital comic based on the survival horror game. The comic can be read for free through Marvel's website.

Mafia II Now Available For $5 On OnLive For Today Only

OnLive is having a 24 hour sale on one of the newest open-world action-drama games, with Mafia II being available on the cloud service for only $5.

Just Cause, Hitman, Tomb Raider And Mini-Ninjas Join OnLive

Four popularized Eidos titles have joined the ranks of the cloud-based gaming service, OnLive. The four titles include Just Cause, Hitman: Blood Money, Tomb Raider: Legends and Mini-Ninjas. In addition to the games being available on OnLive the games are also available as part of OnLive’s Playback program.

OnLive Play For Free Offer Available For Two More Weeks

The OnLive PlayPack beta that allows gamers to play select games for an unlimited amount of time for no additional costs will continue on for two more weeks.

A Few Days Remain To Save 75% On Select OnLive Titles

If you have the appropriate connection speeds and fancy having a good time with some high-end games, then now would be the perfect to finish off the year by grabbing a couple of hot titles with up to 75% off their original purchase price.

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