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Persona 4 Arena Receives Ultra-Fast Patch For Xbox 360

Persona 4 Arena hit store shelves on Tuesday and, for those playing on the Xbox 360, there were quite a few hiccups when trying to get the RPG-infused fighter to work properly online. Well, that's all been fixed now, as Arc System Works has released a patch that finally makes it possible to properly kick butt on the internets.

Persona 4 Arena Opening Movie Released

In two short weeks, Persona 4 Arena will make its console debut. To get everyone psyched up about this spin-off of the RPG series, Arc System Works has released the game's intro movie.

Persona 4 Arena Gameplay Media Blowout

Atlus let loose four brand new gameplay trailers for their upcoming sprite-based fighting game for the Xbox 360 and PS3, Persona 4 Arena. The series takes a drastic turn from its school-based RPG roots and moves into the fighting game territory, with hyper-special turbo moves and anime-style fighting mechanics.

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