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Pokemon X And Y: Mythical Pokemon Diancie Will Be Added Soon

Pokemon X and Y players will soon have a new Pokemon to add to their collection. Diancie is a Mythical Pokemon with both Rock and Fairy characteristics.

Pokemon X And Y 2DS Bundles Announced

Nintendo has announced that they're packing Pokemon X and Y with their 2DS handheld. The bundles will hit select retailers throughout North America on December 6th.

Pokemon X And Y Bug Corrupts Saves, Here's How To Avoid It

Some Pokemon X and Y gamers have discovered a bug has ruined their save files. In an official announcement on their website, Nintendo confirmed the issue and explained how players can avoid this problem.

Pokemon: My First Day With The Series

Several days after moving into my new home, my neighbors have informed me that a professor from a nearby city wants all of the local youth to venture into the world. I present a letter from said professor to my mother, who seems far too eager to kick me out of the house and (I’m assuming) take over my massive bedroom on the second floor. And so, I shoulder my backpack and head into the tall grass. My life as a Pokemon trainer has finally begun.

Pokemon X And Y Sales Hit 4 Million

Pokemon X and Y were released this weekend and fans showed up in full force to buy them. Nintendo announced today that the games sold a combined 4 million copies on October 12th and 13th.

Pokemon X And Y 3DS XL Bundles Now In Stores

This weekend Pokemon fans in North America can start preparing themselves for Pokemon X and Y's launch. Nintendo has released two special-edition 3DS XL models inspired by the two upcoming role-playing games.

Pokemon X And Y Mega Evolutions, Training Programs Revealed

Pokemon X and Y will provide players with new ways to boost their Pokemon's power. A Mega Evolution is a new type of transformation that will greatly increase the power of certain Pokemon.

Pokemon X And Y: Xerneas And Yveltal Abilities Detailed

Game Freak shed some more light on the collection of Pokemon in Pokemon X and . They've outlined the abilities of legendaries Xerneas and Yveltal and also introduced other new creatures players can capture.

Pokemon X And Y: Honedge Announced

At the Japan Expo in Paris, Game Freak director Junichi Masuda announced another Pokemon appearing in Pokemon X and Y. Honedge is a Steel/Ghost-type Pokemon that hasn't appeared in any prior games.

Pokemon X And Y E3 Trailer Announces Fairy Type, Release Date Revealed

Nintendo rolled out another trailer for Pokemon X and Y at their E3 presentation. The trailer contains abundant battle footage from the 3DS exclusive and reveals a new type of Pokemon.

Pokemon X And Y Gameplay Video Rides Gogoat

A new gameplay trailer for Pokemon X and Y gives us a long look at Lumiose City. Lumiose is a massive metropolis at the heart of X and Y's Kalos region.

Pokemon X And Y: Mewtwo Evolution Confirmed

Earlier this month, Nintendo revealed that Pokemon X and Y would feature a Pokemon with a striking resemblance to Mewtwo. A new video confirms that this Pokemon is an evolution of Mewtwo.

Pokemon X And Y Trailer, Screenshots Reveal Mewthree?

This weekend Nintendo revealed a mysterious new Pokemon appearing in Pokemon X and Y. This new Pokemon has some connection to the Legendary Mewtwo.

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