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Forma.8 And Pavilion Announced For PS4 And Vita

Sony today announced another pair of indie games heading to the PlayStation family of consoles, both due out in the coming months. First up is the sci-fi adventure game, forma.8, which is coming to the PS4 and Vita. And then there’s Pavilion, also launching on the PS4 and Vita and being billed as a “fourth-person puzzler.”

PS4 Red Light, Overheating Due To Thermal Paste Lead Sabotage?

Yes, the headline may read like tin-foil hat conspiracy theory jargon, but things readily become a lot more real once the information rears its head. Of course, everything you gather from here is still rumor at this point and should be taken as such.

Bit.Trip Runner2 Sprints Onto PSN Next Week, Vita This Summer

After years of appearing on just about every platform known to man, the Bit.Trip series of games is finally making its way to Sony consoles with next week's release of Runner2 on the PlayStation 3.

Pachter: EA's CEO John Riccitiello Fears For His Job Due To Stock Failure

Michael Pachter, Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, has let loose a tidbit of information that should make some gamers smile at least a little bit: Pachter claims that John Riccitiello confided in him that he fears for his job due to EA's piss poor stock.

GameStop Could Refuse To Carry PS4/Orbis, Says Pachter

Wedbush Morgan Securities financial analyst Michael Pachter believes that if Sony decides to implement a used-game block in the PS4 or PSO, then GameStop could seek recourse by refusing to carry the console.

 PlayStation: A Tale of Two Markets - UK

The PLAYSTATION3 is an unusual beast. While many before it have strived to be the most powerful system of their respective generation, each has found itself falling into second place. Obviously, a commanding factor in this would be retail price but in the case of the PLAYSTATION3, brand strength is more likely a decisive dynamic right here in the UK.

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