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Sony Japan Is No Longer Going To Fix PS2s

The end of a very long era in gaming is finally coming to a close as Sony Japan announces it will be discontinuing repair support for the PlayStation 2.

PlayStation Now Has Begun To Add PS2 Games

Sony's game streaming service, PlayStation Now, already includes a wide selection of games from the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Starting this month, though, mega-hits from the PlayStation 2 era will also be joining the lineup.

The Nintendo Switch Just Passed A Major Sales Record

Nintendo is ending the year on a high note, setting a new sales record that could be a good indicator of how big the console can grow in the years to come.

3 Horror Game Franchises That Need To Be Totally Rebooted

In the age of virtual reality and all kinds of other advances rearing its face in video games today, there's a few horror games I feel like would benefit from getting a do-over in this day and age. And I only say these few because I feel like the game could be bettered into something it was always meant to be.

Why There Needs To Be One Final Attempt At A Silent Hill Movie

While some might agree that the Silent Hill movies aren't that bad, I could rage on for hours about all of the ways they totally destroy the Silent Hill name. And even though I'm more keen on the second installment than the first, I would still be open to someone pushing out a third movie to seal the deal.

Another Remastered Final Fantasy Game is Coming To PS4

Some gamers have proclaimed this generation of gaming as the age of remasters. I can't argue with that sentiment given that many of the popular titles from sixth and seventh gen are being re-released in HD renditions or updated with spiffier graphics. One of Square's late great Final Fantasy titles for the PS2 will join the library of HD remasters starting in 2017.

These Are The Main Silent Hill Protagonists Ranked From Worst To Best

Yesterday marked the 13th anniversary of Silent Hill 3 and to celebrate, I thought I’d take an in-depth look at some of Silent Hill’s best and worst visitors. The protagonists’ rankings are all based on how involved the character was, how emotionally-attached players seemed to get to the character and who really became the epitome of what Silent Hill was all about.

Why Silent Hill 3 Was The Last Legendary Silent Hill Game

Thirteen years ago today, Silent Hill 3 was released on the PlayStation 2 from Konami. But when I played Silent Hill 3, it was after I had beaten the second game, and it felt far more terrifying than the others, making it one of the most memorable horror experiences in gaming.

6 Mind-Blowing Uncharted Easter Eggs Hidden Throughout The Series

The first time I ever played Uncharted, I was immediately reminded of Indiana Jones. I felt thrust back into his world of adventure and defeating the bad guys and mysterious treasures. But maybe my favorite part of playing Uncharted was trying to spot the Easter Eggs. Here are six of the biggest Easter Eggs in the Uncharted series.

Another PS2 Game Makes Its Way to The PS4

It looks like fans of PS2-era RPGs are in for a treat, as it has now been revealed that the beloved Dark Cloud 2 will soon be joining the PlayStation 4 games library.

PS4 Will Soon Be Able To Play PS2 Games

Shortly after the PlayStation 4 launched a lot of people were asking about backwards compatibility. Many gamers understood that playing PS3 games would likely be out of the question but they wanted the option anyway, and even more wanted to play PSX and PS2 titles. Well, it looks like PS2 emulation could be coming soon.

How Metal Gear Online Was Revived By Professional Hackers

Back in 2012 Konami had shutdown Metal Gear Online. The game had run its course, played out its excitement and managed to mark its time in history as a niche title that many loved – but it wasn't something that was sustainable beyond the four years in which it was operation... until now.

Tomba 2 PSone Import Gets Details, Gunslugs For Vita Gets Trailer

There are a bunch of games coming out on the PlayStation Network tomorrow afternoon, two of which have received some extra info in recent blog posts. The team at MonkeyPaw Games have shed a bit of extra light on their newest PSone import, Tomba 2, while Abstract Games' have offered up a Q&A concerning their latest Vita shooter, Gunslugs.

Outlast, PS2 Classic Trapt Headline Weekly PSN Update

Holy crow, it’s another jam-packed week on the PlayStation Network with all three main platforms getting some digital game love in the form of brand new releases, old school classics and even a handful of demos for those who like to kick the tires before jumping in for a joyride.

PS4 Will Emulate PS1, PS2 Games Locally, Says Eurogamer

Eurogamer claims they have a source close to the information that the PS4 will receive local emulation support for older PlayStation titles, so you can essentially run them from discs or digital downloads with a one-time purchase from the PlayStation Store.

PlayStation Now Doesn't Allow Disc, Digital Owners To Play Games They Already Own

We briefly discussed this before but didn't really go into details about the issue surrounding ownership and PlayStation Now. But Sony made it clear that those who already own physical or digital copies of PlayStation titles won't receive discounts or free access to those same titles on the PlayStation Now service.

PlayStation Now Lets You Stream Old PlayStation Games On Your PS4, PS Vita

It was always hinted at that games like The Last of Us or God of War would be available to play on the PlayStation 4 in some capacity. A lot of gamers were curious how this would work given that the PS4's architecture is practically the complete opposite of the PS3 and is not capable of backwards compatibility. Well, Sony revealed their backwards compatibility streaming service and it's called PlayStation Now.

Shadow Of The Colossus Joins The PlayStation Plus Lineup

The PlayStation Plus update today is one of gargantuan size, including the PlayStation 2 Classic, Shadow of the Colossus, as well as deep discounts on a boatload of additional games.

GameStop PS2 Trade-Ins Will End In June

If you want to trade in your old PS2 for some money, you'd better do it soon. According to an advertisement posted on Reddit, GameStop will stop accepting PS2 games, accessories and consoles as of June 1st.

Evolution Of PlayStation Rolls Out The Games

Now that the Evolution of PlayStation video series has gotten all of the consoles out of the way, Sony has shifted its sights to the thing that keeps bringing us all back for more: The games. Seeing as how the big announcement this has all been leading up to is this afternoon, this is likely the final clip in the “Evolution” series. Well, the last before they add a “PlayStation 4” clip, probably.

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