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The Order 1886 Honest Trailer Skewers The PS4 Exclusive

The backlash that The Order 1886 received caused enough of a ruckus to get Smosh Games involved with their Honest Trailers and it's about three minutes of some of the most honest criticism I've ever seen. Check it out.

Watch The First 25 Minutes Of The Order 1886 Right Now

You can watch the first 25 minutes or so of gameplay from The Order 1886, which is due for release tomorrow exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The gameplay gives away some important parts about the story so if you're not into spoilers, don't watch the following video.

The Order 1886 Reviews: PS4 Exclusive Gets Rough Welcome

The Order: 1886 will finally be launching on PS4 worldwide tomorrow. Today the first reviews arrived and they're not very enthusiastic.

The Order 1886 Dev: People Are Looking For Reasons To Hate Our Game

The Order: 1886 finally launches on the PlayStation 4 this Friday and, at this point, the rare console exclusive is carrying quite a bit of weight on its shoulder. With a long media campaign and lots of hype at its back over the past year, the development team has noticed an unusual trend here in the new year: Folks are trying to find reasons to trash it before it even launches.

The Order: 1886 Collector's Edition Gets Unboxed

Did you already plop down money in order to reserve your very own copy of The Order: 1886 Collector’s Edition and want to get a better look at what comes in the box? Thinking about taking the plunge, but want to see what your extra dollars will be going towards? Well, you’re in luck, as an official unboxing video has now gone live.

The Order: 1886 Prepares For Launch With Story Trailer

Get your dapper mustaches and anachronistic firepower ready, because it’s almost time to dive into the dark and mysterious world of The Order: 1886. Launching exclusively on the PlayStation 4 next month, the team at Ready at Dawn have pulled back the curtain on the latest trailer, showcasing the game’s intriguing story. Also, werewolves.

The Order 1886 Off-Screen Video Features 9 Minutes Of Gameplay

Some new gameplay footage has been released for The Order 1886, featuring a look at some of the cover-based shooting mechanics as a squad of hunters take on some rebels. If you were hoping for something special, unique, different or original, you came to the wrong game.

PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Delayed To 2015

One of the biggest 2014 releases for the PS4 won't be arriving this year after all. Today Sony announced that they're delaying the steampunk shooter The Order: 1886.

The Order: 1886 Developer Denies Graphics Downgrade

The Order: 1886's newest gameplay video came under a lot of scrutiny last night, with many gamers saying that the PS4 exclusive looks noticeably worse than it did in previous videos. Andrea Pessino, chief technology officer at developer Ready at Dawn, took to Twitter to defend the game.

The Order 1886 PS4 Gameplay Video Has Three Minutes Of Steampunk Gunfighting

Ready at Dawn aired a new gameplay video for The Order 1886 this afternoon. The video shows off three minutes of new footage from the PS4 exclusive.

The Order: 1886 Offers A History Lesson In New Trailer

One of the only exclusive new IPs announced for the PlayStation 4 at this point, The Order: 1886 looks to be coming along quite nicely in the latest trailer revealed by Ready at Dawn.

The Order 1886 Runs at 1080p, 30fps On The PS4

Some games this gen will be 60 frames per second, others will be 30 frames per second... some will barely be able to get past 20. 30fps is the standard fare margin to which most games will aim, and the PS4 exclusive The Order 1886 will aim for the 30fps mark.

Ready At Dawn Hiring For PS4 Or Wii U Game

Ready At Dawn has announced that they are hiring for a new game planned for release on a single "next generation home console", the game is a AAA brand new IP action-adventure third-person shooter. So that kind of gives you an idea of what to expect.

R6 And R8 Are Two New Projects For Xbox 360 And PS3

Just recently we reported on some news by PlayStationLifeStyle regarding a completely original project in the works for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The news was well received by gamers and even lead to some new revelations regarding Ready at Dawn.

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