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Firefall Is Shutting Down, But Plans To Live On

Red 5 Studios recently announced that the third-person MMO sci-fi shooter RPG, Firefall, has officially shut down. The game's last official day came on July 7th, 2017 this past Friday, but Red 5 still has plans to allow the game to live on.

[Update] Red 5 Studios Is Apparently Having Some Serious Issues, Get The Details

You may have read about the holiday scandal that has been plaguing Red 5 Studios. Unfortunately, things aren’t really getting any better. The company held a staff meeting this morning that revealed some details about the matter.

Red 5 Studios Is Apparently Having Some Serious Issues, Get The Details

While most everyone on Christmas morning awoke to find presents under the tree and stockings stuffed with joy, the employees at Red 5 Studios woke up hoping to find a wonderful Christmas payday in their bank accounts. But, they found something else, which was much more disturbing.

Firefall Devs Take Control Of Bosses This Weekend

Battling enemy AI can be tricky at times but, if you really want a challenge, it's usually best to take your favorite shooter online and go toe to toe with live human opponents. Well, players in Firefall will get the best of both world this Sunday, as the team at Red 5 Studios will be granting control of certain in-game boss characters to highly effective members of staff.

Firefall Finally Launches On PC Today With New Trailer

It's been a long time coming, but free-to-play third-person MMO shooter, Firefall, has finally arrived, launching today across North America, Europe and Australia for PC via Steam. Whether you're playing for free or purchasing one of the launch packs, get ready to shoot a whole lot of holes in a whole lot of alien invaders.

Firefall Brings MMO Shooting To PC This Month With Official Launch

Get locked and loaded, online shooter fans, because Red 5 Studios, Inc. has finally put a launch date on its highly anticipated open-world MMO romp, Firefall, which will bring the hurt to a PC near you come July 29.

Firefall PVP Being Removed

Usually games grow during beta but Firefall developer Red 5 Studios is chopping out a big component of the MMO shooter: player-versus-player. Red 5 revealed today that they're going to remove PvP while they try to redesign that side of the game.

Firefall Launches Open Beta

For those of you who have been eagerly anticipating the free-to-play first-person shooter MMO, Firefall, yet have been so far unable to get in on any of the closed betas, today is your lucky day. Red 5 Studios has today announced that the Firefall open beta is officially up and running.

Firefall Open Beta Set For July

Starting July 9th Firefall will officially head into open beta. Red 5 Studios' first or third-person shooter enables gamers to venture across a sprawling world shrouded by dangerous inhabitants. The game has several unique gameplay mechanics and you'll soon be able to get into the game without requiring an exclusive beta key.

Firefall Trailer Embraces War

Red 5 Studios released a new trailer for their free-to-play MMO, Firefall. The new trailer is called the Chosen War and focuses on the fight between humans and a species fighting for planetary control. There are vehicles, jetpacks and plenty of headshots to go around.

FireFall Now Supports Twitch.Tv

Integrated support is becoming an increasingly common thing amongst most eSports games, especially competitive shooters. Call of Duty was one of the first and biggest brands to announce their support and now Red 5 Studios is following behind with their announcement of integrated support as well.

Firefall Open Beta This Weekend, New Trailer Released

Red 5 Studios is holding a public beta for the free-to-play MMORPG action FPS/TPS, Firefall. The colorful sci-fi title has been edging ever-so-close to the finish line and the latest trailer gives gamers a look at the near finished product, complete with new skills, weapons, vehicles and assault missions.

Firefall Gets New Items To Celebrate The Holidays

Red 5 Studios has unveiled a slew of new items and events running for their free-to-play MMO, Firefall. The third or first-person shooter puts players in a world that is dangerous and mysterious and with the extra festive items being made available, at least the world will be a cheerier and more uplifting place.

Firefall European Servers Go Live For Beta Testing

Red 5 Studios has launched the new European servers for Firefall today, getting ready and prepping for a full-on stress test assault to ensure that the Euro-servers can handle the load during an upcoming weekend beta test. If you're keen on getting in on the free-to-play action and you want to test out the shooter-MMO, be sure to register fast to reserve a spot in beta.

FireFall Fest Live-Streaming Starts Today; Prizes Up For Grabs

Over the next six days Red 5 Studios will be live-streaming content of FireFall during this week's FireFall Fest event. In addition to rolling out brand new announcements and content for the MMO action title, celebrity guests will be stopping by and some neat prizes from AMD and Razer will be up for grabs.

Firefall's New Content Being Unveiled By Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day And More

Red 5 Studios has a huge live-streaming event planned for Firefall. The event will run between October 22nd to October 27th and some of the celebrities helping unveil brand new content for the game will include people such as this generation's Bruce Campbell, Nathan Fillion, as well as internet sensation Felicia Day as well as others such as Wil Wheaton, Extra Credits and Complexity Gaming.

FireFall Class Updates, Skill Tree Breakdown And Battleframes

Red 5 Studios released a new walkthrough video for FireFall from this year's GamesCom. The video is a super lengthy breakdown of each of the Battleframes in the game as well as a walkthrough of the skill tree setups and the overhaul of how players will be able to customize and modify their builds to their playing style. It's an interesting 10 minutes to say the least.

FireFall Hits 500,000 Beta Registrants

After being very open about how they address consumer concerns and complaints, Red 5 Studios seen a massive surge in people registering to play their upcoming hybrid MMO, FireFall. And by surge, I mean people registering in droves with more than half-a-million people signed on to play the game.

Red 5 Studios Shows They Are Gamers-First, Great Direction For Gaming Industry

A new developer diary was released for FireFall, the upcoming free-to-play MMO from Red 5 Studios, and the developers talk directly to gamers about the changes they made based on gamer feedback. That's right gamer feedback...not focus testing, not demographic monitoring, and not market calculations.

FireFall's Staged Content Concept Could Be An MMO Killer

The Extra Credits video talks more about the concept of Staged Content and its potential effects on the industry as opposed to the staged content itself. With their brief summation of the free-to-play content paradigm and how it works against traditional trends in the MMO industry, it did raise some questions about MMOs that follow suit after the release of FireFall.

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