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Riot Games Suspends COO Over Alleged Misconduct, But Defends Him Against Rumors

In an email sent to employees and made public this week, Riot Games has announced the suspension of COO Scott Gelb following allegations of misconduct, while also stating support for his eventual return.

League Of Legends Developer Sued For Sexual Discrimination

Riot Games, the makers of the highly popular free-to-play MOBA game League of Legends, has been under the spotlight of scrutiny for the last several months after a major exposé was published on the studio culture and allegations about sexism and harassment. Well, following those reports, former and current employees of Riot decided to sue for sexual discrimination.

Riot Games Apologizes To Fans, Employees Following Toxic Workplace Allegations

Riot Games was one of the recent companies to have the spotlight shone on its workplace conduct, and the results caused a lot of chatter within the gaming industry. Instead of shirking the reports, Riot embraced them and decided to apologize to its fans and the employees that work there.

League Of Legends' Urgot Just Gained Some Killer New Abilities

For League of Legends players looking for a good reason to pick up an old hero, Urgot is gearing up for a major rework. While we don't yet have a date on when the Urgot overhaul will go live, it looks like the team at Riot Games wants to make him a viable option once again.

Riot Games Is Taking eSports To A Whole New Level

Professional video game leagues are becoming more and more like their professional sports counterparts, complete with official teams, standout athletes and competitions that net them all a healthy paycheck. Riot Games wants to take their game to the next level with League of Legends, and will be taking a major step in that direction soon.

Riot Games Is Suing Over Stolen League Of Legends Accounts

Account trading is one of the most lucrative gray and black market businesses in the world of MMOs, MOBAs and many free-to-play titles. Well, Riot Games is suing over stolen League of Legends accounts that have allegedly been used by a gray market reseller to make loads of money on those accounts.

Competitive League of Legends Just Became A Lot More Profitable

Riot Games wants to really grow the competitive eSports market of League of Legends. They're attempting to leverage several important facets to make the electronic sport more profitable for the teams and organizations involved and they've already secured one method in nearly doubling the prize pools.

League Of Legends Creators' New Title Is A Board Game

Coming straight out of left field, it looks like the folks at Riot Games have been working on a super-secret project behind closed doors. It's a League of Legends board game, though it doesn't play anything like the beloved MOBA.

The Number Of Active League Of Legends Players Is Unbelievable

We knew that a lot of folks were playing League of Legends, the world's most popular MOBA, but we had no idea just how many of you were so dedicated to the game. According to a recent interview with some of the higher ups at Riot Games a pretty staggering figure keeps coming back for more.

How Heroes Of The Storm Is Celebrating Their 1-Year Anniversary

Blizzard is celebrating the one year anniversary of Heroes of the Storm, their free-to-play MOBA title that launched last year to compete with Riot Games' League of Legends and Valve's Dota 2.

An Elderly Woman Accidentally Prayed To A League Of Legends Character

It's easy to see a headline like that and burst out into a fit of laughter at how ridiculous it seems to pray to a League of Legends character. However, when you get the full context of what's going on, it makes a little more sense and doesn't seem quite as ridiculous.

Riot Games Acquires Radiant Entertainment, Here's What We Know

Riot Games is best known for their League of Legends MOBA. The game is a massive, massive success. One thing that Riot is looking to do now is branch out and they're doing so by picking up fresh new studios... like Radiant Entertainment. They've added the indie studio to their acquisition portfolio and they're closing down Radiant's fighting game in the process.

League Of Legends Launched An App To Bring Their Community Closer Together

Riot Games has a brand new social app that they've just let loose upon the world via iOS and Android. The app allows players to communicate with friends and stay up to date on what's happening with your team's matches and progress.

League Of Legends Loses The Horribly Unpopular Dominion Mode

League of Legends developer Riot Games has decided to take the game’s not-so-popular Dominion mode behind the shed for a merciful sendoff. It seems like the mode simply isn’t drawing a crowd and, rather than let it flounder about, the team is doing away with it altogether later this month.

Riot Games Gives Insight Into How League of Legends Will Be Changing

Riot Games recently had various members sit down and discuss some of the big upcoming changes to the free-to-play MOBA title, with talks about Jhin the Virtuoso being discussed along with the brand new Hextech Crafting mechanic that will allow gamers to unlock new Champions and cosmetic items without paying a dime.

League Of Legends Free Bundle Announced

Riot Games is keeping their community satisfied with all sorts of free stuff. Their latest gift to their community following up on the Warsongs soundtrack is a free bundle pack that includes eight free Champions and some XP boosts when users sign up for League of Legends through Amazon or link an existing account to Amazon.

Riot Games Actually Dropped A League Of Legends Album, Get The Details

Riot Games announced that a free album featuring remixed songs from League of Legends is currently available for download... for free. The album contains music from various DJs who give their interpretation of the music from the highly popular free-to-play MOBA. This marks the second free album featuring music from the game.

New League Of Legends Champion Teaser Trailer Is Mysterious And Beautiful

It’s been weeks since Riot Games started teasing a new champion to add to the already-massive lineup for League Of Legends, and fans are going crazy with anticipation. A few days ago, they released a strange teaser trailer that raises all sorts of questions.

League Of Legends' Poppy Rework Is Now Live

Riot Games has released a dramatic makeover for long-time League of Legends champion Poppy. The changed character now has a very different appearance and set of abilities.

League Of Legends Snowdown Event Returns Next Week

League Of Legends will once again be celebrating the holiday season with a special Snowdown event. Snowdown will bring new in-game items for players to earn along with a limited-time game mode.

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