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Sanctum 2 Draws To A Close With The Last Stand DLC

The journey through Sanctum 2 finally comes to a close as the fourth and final DLC expansion pack, “The Last Stand” launches on PC. Launching earlier this year on PC (and subsequently on consoles), Sanctum 2 is primed to receive its final bit of DLC content in the form of todays “The Last Stand” expansion, including new enemies, weapons and more.

Humble Jumbo Bundle Includes Natural Selection 2, Sanctum 2

The latest Humble Bundle doesn't have a number. Instead, Humble Bundle Inc. has decided to refer to the compilation of indie game as "Jumbo." It's an apt title.

Sanctum 2 Gets The Pursuit DLC On Steam Oct. 25th

The Sanctum 2 universe is set to expand once again with the release of a brand new batch of DLC content called The Pursuit, offering new weapons, new towers, new enemies and additional maps and perks.

Sanctum 2 Road to Elysion DLC Launches On Steam Today

The world of Sanctum 2 just got a little bit bigger as developer Coffee Stain Studios announces the official launch of the first of four planned DLC packs, Road to Elysiaon.

First Sanctum 2 DLC Hits Steam June 26th

Tower defense game/first-person shoot hybrid, Sanctum 2 is set to get its first batch of DLC next week with the Road to Elysion pack coming to PC.

Sanctum 2 Now Available

The new first-person tower-defense strategy game from Coffee Stain Studios has officially launched for Xbox 360 and PC today via digital distribution. The game has such a vibrant and unique art-style coupled with some very original gameplay.

Sanctum 2 Gameplay Trailer Released

Coffee Stain Studios is working on their sequel to their first-person shooter tower-defense game, Sanctum 2. The sequel features more action, more strategy, bigger bosses, more towers to put down and more enemies to tear the towers down. The new gameplay trailer looks pretty impressive.

Edge Of Space, Guncraft, Sanctum 2 Will Be At PAX East 2013

Reverb Publishing will be unleashing additional details and showcasing more of their line-up at the upcoming PAX East at the end of March. The games will be on display courtesy of their respective developers, enabling gamers and press alike to get a lot of interactive loving from sequels and new IP coming out of Reverb's publishing house.

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