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No Man's Sky Is Spike VGX's Big Winner

Many, many awards were given out to games at Spike VGX last night. However, the biggest winner of the night was a game that wasn't even nominated: No Man's Sky from Hello Games.

VGX Awards Most Cringe-Worthy Moments Extended Cut

Spike's VGX Awards is done and over with (thankfully). Yet, we're not done with the VGX awards. Pixel Perfect put together a supercut of the most cringe-worthy moments from the three hour live broadcast that had most gamers burying their heads in the sand to avoid any association with that travesty.

Quantum Break VGX Trailer Reveals The Xbox One Exclusive's Gameplay

Remedy Entertainment showed off their Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break during Spike VGX last night. The presentation, helmed by writer Sam Lake, included details on both the game's story and its mechanics.

Yes, Joel McHale Saved The Train Wreck That Was Spike's VGX Awards

Spike's VGX has effectively been labeled as a “train wreck” by, well, everyone. No one can consistently say what the exact problem was but everyone knows that every part of it was a problem. Well, I have to say that Joel McHale working sidekick duty with Geoff Keighley was the best worst thing to happen for the Spike VGX Awards show.

Spike VGX Winners Include GTA 5, Last Of Us

During tonight's Spike VGX show, developers like Telltale Games and Respawn Entertainment showed off their upcoming games. Apparently they gave out some awards in between these previews. On the off-chance you care, here's the list of winners.

Reminder: Spike VGX Streaming Gaming Goodness Today

The most important night of the year for video games is finally upon us as Spike prepares to kick off the 2013 VGX extravaganza, formerly known as the Video Game Awards. We can only assume that the X stands for either “X-perience” or “X-treme.”

Fallout 4 Won't Be Announced At Spike VGX, Supposed Teaser Site Continues Ticking

The Spike VGX awards tomorrow might have a few surprise reveals but Fallout 4 won't be among them. Bethesda Softworks says that they won't be showing off anything at the game awards show.

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