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Tales Of Xillia Recap Video Preps For Tales Of Xillia 2's Release

The new video offers a five minute voice-over that catches gamers up to everything that happened in the original Tales of Xillia as the second game preps to land on retail shelves in North America starting August 19th.

Tales Of Xillia Collector's Edition Includes Milla Maxwell Figure

Namco Bandai revealed today that they're going to be offering a Collector's Edition of PS3 RPG Tales of Xillia in both North America and Europe. The centerpiece of the bundle is a limited edition figure of protagonist Milla Maxwell.

Tales Of Xillia Gameplay Video Debuts English Voice-Acting

The latest trailer for PS3 RPG Tales Of Xillia is a bit different than the others. For the first time, it features English voice acting from the upcoming Western versions of the game.

Tales Of Xillia Western Version Will Be Same As Japanese Version

After a long delay, Japanese RPG Tales of Xillia will make its way to Western territories. Don't expect an Enhanced Edition of the game, though. Tales series producer Hideo Baba says that there won't be any changes made to the localized version.

Tales Of Xillia Coming To North America, Europe

Namco Bandai announced plans to bring role-playing game Tales of Xillia to North America and Europe today. Xillia, the 13th game in the main Tales series, will make its Western debut in 2013.

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