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Telltale Was Just Hit With A Massive Layoff

Sad news hit a lot of fans when it was revealed that Telltale Games -- the makers of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy game, Batman: The Enemy Within and The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series -- has been hit with a massive layoff of core staff, shrinking the company down significantly.

Telltale Responds To Batman Controversy

The most recent episode of Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within made its way onto home consoles and PC, and it features a brief scene involving the death of a character that many found offensive. Well, Telltale decided to respond to the controversy and clear everything up.

Check Out Harley Quinn In Telltale's Batman Game

The legendary Harley Quinn will be making her way into the next chapter of Telltale Games' ongoing Batman series, and this slightly new take on the character has been revealed in a short gameplay section introducing her to Gotham's most eligible bachelor, Bruce Wayne.

Telltale Games Has A New CEO

Telltale Games seems to be on a roll lately when it comes to pumping out new games. The company has released a couple of new titles this year and are maintaining a killer pace heading into 2018. One major change the company is making before 2017 rounds out is a change in leadership... specifically the CEO.

Three Walking Dead Titles Added To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

Microsoft hasn't stopped focusing on backwards compatible titles for the Xbox One. In fact, the company recently added three of Telltale Games' Walking Dead titles to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility library after the games originally appeared on the Xbox 360.

One Telltale Executive Wants To Make A Black Mirror Game

Telltale certainly has their plate full these days, but the studio is showing no signs of slowing down. And if creative communications head Job Stauffer can serve as a gauge, they'd apparently like to add the popular sci-fi series Black Mirror to their list of projects in development.

What's Going On With Telltale's Game Of Thrones Series

After Telltale Games produced a season of Game of Thrones: The Telltale Series the whole thing went dark. Well, fans have been really getting engaged with the brand once more now that the seventh season has wrapped up and some fans are desperate for more Game of Thrones. Well, Telltale finally explained what's going on with its series.

Telltale's Batman: The Enemy Within Is Adding A Popular New Villain In Episode Two

The second season for Telltale Games' Batman: The Enemy Within has already managed to get underway, and it definitely started with a bigger bang than the first season, which worked almost like a Year One re-imagining of the Dark Knight. Well, for the second episode of the second season, a popular villain is making an appearance in the game.

Telltale's Guardians Of The Galaxy Episode Three Trailer Teases A Major Decision

Telltale Games released the latest trailer for the newest episode for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. The third episode is set to go live for home consoles and PC starting next week on August 22nd.

Batman: The Enemy Within Launch Trailer Introduces Telltale's Riddler

Telltale Games released the official launch trailer for the first episode of the second season of Batman: The Enemy Within. The trailer helps introduce fans of Telltale and Batman into the game studio's alternate take on the popular Batman villain.

Telltale Games Has Announced Plans For The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Gamers have been following Telltale Games' The Walking Dead series since 2012. The episodic adventure horror game came barreling onto the scene in a huge way, winning tons of awards. Well, Telltale has now announced plans for the final season of The Walking Dead.

Will We Ever Get A Tales From The Borderlands Season 2? Here's What Telltale Says

Telltale Games recently fielded a question pertaining to the future of Tales from the Borderlands, and it doesn't sound like they're exactly closing the door on that particular series just yet.

The Wolf Among Us Cliffhanger Has An Answer, That We'll Probably Never Learn

Gamers have been begging Telltale Games for answers, clues, anything about The Wolf Among Us. While it didn't sell quite as well as the other Telltale titles, it has become one of the most talked about Telltale games, and a lot of that is due to the answers that we haven't received and will probably never receive.

Minecraft: Story Mode Is Getting A Season 2

Telltale Games is revisiting one of the properties a lot of people probably didn't expect to see get a second season: Minecraft: Story Mode. The studio announced that a second season is indeed coming in a five episode story arc that continues Jesse's adventure from the first season.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Episode 2 Trailer Adds Nebula, Hints At Rocket's Backstory

The second chapter in the Guardians of the Galaxy saga from Telltale Games is nearly upon us, so, to get ready, the developer has prepared a nice little trailer to set the stage. Get ready for Nebula and Rocket Raccoon to take center stage.

The Next Episode Of Telltale's Guardians Of The Galaxy Has A Release Date

Telltale and Marvel's collaboration on The Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series will continue to press forward as the next episode in the popular series has received its official release date for home consoles, PC and mobile devices.

The Final Episode Of The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, Is Almost Here

It's been a long, hard road through Telltale Game's The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, and that road is finally about to come to an end. The team has revealed a few details about the fifth and final chapter of the ongoing series, including a date fans will want to mark on their calendars.

Telltale's Guardians Of The Galaxy Launch Trailer Is Full Of Laughs And Action

The latest Telltale game will be an episodic romp with the Guardians of the Galaxy and, just in time for its highly-anticipated launch, the developer has decided to put together a launch trailer that perfectly captures the spirit of this particular rag-tag group of heroes.

Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Telltale Series Has Its First Trailer, Check It Out

Telltale Games and Marvel Entertainment finally released the very first trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. The upcoming episodic game will release on April 18th, in just under a month's time, and they've given gamers a look at what they can expect.

Telltale's Guardians Of The Galaxy Has A Release Date

Telltale Games' take on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy has been under the microscope of scrutiny since the game was announced. We've all been curious what the game is about and when it will release. Well, now we finally have a release date.

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