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Skybound Asks Fans What Kind Of The Walking Dead Video Game They Want Next

So by now most people know that Telltale Games has gone under and there won't be anymore Telltale's The Walking Dead titles after the final season wraps up. However, Skybound Entertainment wants to keep making games and bringing fans new titles based on the property, so the company is asking fans what they want to see next.

Telltale Sources Reveal The Tragic Story Of The Wolf Among Us 2

It's highly unlikely that we'll get a proper conclusion to the events taking place within the violent, sexy world of The Wolf Among Us.

Is Daybreak Games Heading The Way Of Telltale After Major Layoffs?

One of the biggest blows in gaming came when Telltale Games had to shutter its doors abruptly. Daybreak Game Company isn't quite in the same position yet, but after some major layoffs it doesn't look good for the outfit.

Telltale's Walking Dead Final Season Continuation Date Revealed In Teaser Trailer

The Walking Dead's Clementine is a fighter, as is the team that brought her tale to video games these past several years. And thanks to the series' latest trailer, we now know exactly when that tale will continue.

Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season Is Officially Back From The Dead

After Telltale encountered a tumultuous start to the fall season with the studio going through the unceremonious process of shutting down and having many of its games removed from digital distribution storefronts, there's some good news finally: The Walking Dead games are back from the dead.

Telltale Games Being Pulled From Steam As Liquidation Reportedly Begins

The slow demise of Telltale games continues this week as several of the developer's older titles disappear from digital storefronts such as Steam.

Telltale's Guardians Of The Galaxy And Minecraft Were Almost Very Different

Now that Telltale Games has basically let go almost all of its staff we're starting to get quite a few stories from behind-the-scenes about the production of various games, alternate endings, a lot of postmortem details about various projects, including Guardians of the Galaxy and Minecraft.

When We Might See Episode 3 Of The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Following the closure of Telltale Games and the shift between studios for the final season of The Walking Dead, Skybound Games aims to have the third (of four) chapters out the door soon.

The Walking Dead Game Will Be Finished After Telltale And Skybound Struck A Deal

The sudden closure of Telltale Games left the fate of the final season of The Walking Dead in question but, according to a recent announcement, the folks at Skybound Games will be taking over the project.

Remaining Telltale Games Staff Continues To Shrink

With the majority of Telltale Games' staff being laid off this fall, a skeleton crew was being kept on to finish a final project. According to a recent posting on social media, though, it looks like even that team is being downsized.

Why Telltale Games Closed Down So Suddenly

Telltale Games is currently operating as little more than a shell. But, how did it get so bad so quickly? Well, some employees have explained a bit more of the process of what went into the closure decision, and it turns out that it was something that management thought was well and fine, but it all came to a head in a way that forced Telltale Games to close down suddenly.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season Has Been Pulled From Digital Storefronts

Telltale Games' closure put a damper on the rest of the season's episodes being developed, and now news has spread that The Walking Dead: The Final Season is being pulled from some of the more prominent digital storefronts.

Telltale Games Has Already Been Sued Over Layoffs

With Telltale Games unexpectedly firing the vast majority of its workforce last week, at least one former employee of the company is demanding compensation in the form of a class-action lawsuit.

This Walking Dead Season One 'Alternate Ending' Is Hilariously Badass

Even though there's a lot of sad news passing around regarding Telltale's closure and the potential end of The Walking Dead: The Final Season with just two episodes, there's some small solace in knowing that there is some form of entertainment to be had in an alternate ending for the original game.

Could Telltale's The Walking Dead: The Final Season Be Completed After All?

With the imminent closure of Telltale Games, it appeared that the story of The Walking Dead would not reach the conclusion that fans were hoping to see.

Netflix Says Stranger Things Game Isn't Dead Yet

One of the big projects Telltale was supposed to be working on was Stranger Things, a narrative adventure based on the popular sci-fi show on Netflix. With the news about the closure most assumed that the game based on Stranger Things was dead in the water, but Netflix says that the game isn't dead yet.

The Walking Dead's Clementine Actress Shares Emotional Response To Telltale Games' Shutdown

While details concerning the sudden closure of Telltale games are scarce, The Walking Dead game's voice actress Melissa Hutchison has released her reaction to the shocking news.

Telltale Games Lays Off Majority Of Staff, Begins Process Of Shutting Down

After swapping out the CEO, restructuring the entire studio and culling a lot of properties from the line-up, things still didn't quite turn around for Telltale, and now good fortune it sought was still just outside of its grasp. Now the company is reportedly shutting down.

Telltale Is Making A Major Change To Its Next Games

Over the years, the games that Telltale produced began to show their age and gamers began to note how dated it all looked. Well, Telltale is making a major change to its next generation of games and the changes will be quite obvious.

Why It Took Two Years For Telltale To Make A Stranger Things Game

The story-driven, sci-fi horror tale seemed like it would be ripe for the pickings of a company like Telltale Games, but it actually took two years for Telltale to finally pull the trigger on making an interactive version of the series. So, why did it take so long? Well, Telltale finally explained.

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