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Total War: Warhammer Pre-Order Includes New Playable Race

Sega announced the pre-order bonus for Total War: Warhammer today. Some pre-order bonuses are fairly minor but in this game's case, you'll get an entire playable race.

Total War: Warhammer's First In-Engine Trailer Is An Epic Battle

Sega and Creative Assembly's take on the Total War: Warhammer is looking very, very, very promising. It may seem like preemptively waxing praise for a game we know very little about, but the latest in-engine cinematic shows just what kind of possibilities gamers could experience when the game launches for PC.

These Total War Games Are Free This Weekend

Steam is offering a free weekend on select Total War games from Sega and Creative Assembly. The weekend sale includes a number of the popular RTS and civilization management titles where players build up an army and attempt to conquer the land.

Total War: Warhammer Trailer Begins A New Strategy Trilogy

Today Sega and the Creative Assembly announced Total War: Warhammer, a new strategy game for PC, Mac and SteamOS inspired by the tabletop game. A new cinematic trailer sets up the plot of this medieval fantasy war.

Total War: Attila Release Date And Special Edition Revealed

PC strategy game Total War: Attila will be launching worldwide in February, Sega announced today. Gamers can pre-order one of two editions of Attila and get some special bonuses in the process.

Total War: Attila Announced For PC and Mac

The Creative Assembly revealed today that they've got another strategy game on the way. Total War: Attila refocuses the series on the 4th century, a few hundred years after the events of Rome 2.

Alien Isolation Survivor Mode Costs Lots Of Money

Sega announced a cat-and-mouse game mode for Alien Isolation today called Survivor. Survivor Mode will ship the Isolation and then expand over the course of several months.

Alien Isolation Will Let You Play As Sigourney Weaver But There's A Catch

Alien Isolation developers the Creative Assembly are ramping up the nostalgia with the game's bonus missions. These two missions will let players relive scenes from the 1979 film Alien.

Alien Isolation Release Date Announced By Sega

Alien Isolation will be launching this October, publisher Sega has confirmed. The company sent out the game's release date through Twitter this morning.

Alien Isolation Developer: Resident Evil, Dead Space Turned Into Gears Of War

Alien Isolation creators Creative Assembly says that the first Dead Space and Resident Evil games are sources of inspiration as they craft their new survival horror game. However, CA says those two series "marginalized" their fans in their sequels.

Alien Isolation Announced For PC And Consoles

Alien Isolation popped up on the Xbox Marketplace today. The listing for The Creative Assembly's survival horror game includes the Xbox 360 box art along with several details and images.

Alien: Isolation Screenshots Leaked

Today screenshots from the next-gen title Alien: Isolation were leaked to the Internet. These are the first in-game shots we've seen of the Creative Assembly project since it was first revealed.

Total War: Rome 2 Caesar In Gaul Expansion Announced

Total War: Rome 2 will be getting its first expansion pack next week. Caesar in Gaul is a short, focused campaign set in Gaul as well as the south coast of Britannia.

Total War: Rome 2 Releases Next Week, Loads Of DLC Planned

Gamers everywhere will soon find out what the phrase “When in Rome” really means as they take control of the “world’s first super power” and expand their influence through smarts or brute force in Total War: Rome II, set to release on Sept. 3. For those planning on diving into the carnage, the developers at Creative Assembly are promising plenty of post-launch content in both the free and for-pay variety.

Total War: Rome 2 Release Date Set For September, $155 Collector's Edition Announced

Sega has revealed today that The Creative Assembly's PC strategy game Total War: Rome 2 will be launching worldwide on September 3rd. The $60 standard edition will be accompanied by a $155 Collector's Edition available in limited quantities.

Total War: Rome 2 Pontus Faction Is Free DLC, Release Date Coming Soon

Sega announced day-one DLC for Total War: Rome 2 today. Day-one DLC?! Why those no-good sons of bitches, I'm gonna go review bomb that game on Amazon and - oh, the DLC is free.

Total War: Rome 2 Trailer Depicts Battle of Teutoburg Forest

The Roman Army was feared throughout Europe but it was far from invincible. A new battle video from Total War: Rome 2 shows the Romans getting trounced in the Teutoburg Forest.

Total War: Arena Is Free-To-Play, Closed Beta Coming Soon

Today at GDC in San Francisco, the Creative Assembly revealed a new spin-off to their Total War strategy series. Total War: Arena is a free-to-play game that focuses on multiplayer battles.

Creative Assembly's Alien Game Screenshot Leaked?

Today a possible first image from the Creative Assembly's upcoming Alien game. Will the game be able to wash out the bad taste left by Aliens: Colonial Marines?

Total War: Shogun 2 Gold Edition Includes DLC, Check Out Box Art Now

Sega has announced that they're re-releasing Total War: Shogun 2 to stores. The Gold Edition of the strategy game will be released in North America, Europe and Australia.

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