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Total War Could Come To Consoles

The PC strategy series Total War could branch into other platforms. The Creative Assembly says that console installments are possible.

Shogun 2: Total War Box Art Revealed

Shogun 2: Total War is still months from completion. However, the game's cover art is complete so you can print it out, tape it to another game box, and dream of happier days.

Napoleon: Total War Peninsular Campaign DLC, Patch Now Available

A new campaign was added to Napoleon: Total War today. The Peninsular Campaign downloadable content brings the 19th century strategy game to Spain.

E3 2010: Shogun 2: Total War Screenshots Released

Shogun 2: Total War was announced at the beginning of the month so it's not getting as much attention at E3 as games that were just unveiled this week. However, it's worth noting that the first screenshots have been sent out by Sega.

Shogun 2: Total War Trailer, Concept Art Released

Creative Assembly announced Shogun 2: Total War last night and now they're providing some much-needed visuals. They've released a teaser trailer and concept art.

Shotgun 2: Total War Announced For 2011 Release

Today the Creative Assembly announced the next entry in the Total War genre. They've decided to go back to their roots and make a sequel for the game that spawned the franchise, Shogun: Total War.

Napoleon: Total War - Peninsular Campaign Announced

Creative Assembly hasn't made their secret Total War reveal yet. However, they did announce that Napoleon: Total War is getting a new expansion pack this summer.

Total War Studio Teasing World War I Game?

The Creative Assembly released Napoleon: Total War a few months back. What are they making now? Well, we might found out soon.

Napoleon: Total War Coalition Battle Pack Released

The Creative Assembly has released a new battle and units for their turn-based strategy/real-time tactics game Napoleon: Total War. The Coalition Battle Pack can be downloaded via Steam for £1.99/ €2.99/ US$3.25/ AU$3.95.

Napoleon: Total War Gets Free Imperial Guard DLC

Today Sega released the first downloadable content for Napoleon: Total War. The Imperial Guard pack can be downloaded through Steam for no charge.

Total War MMO Possible

The next Total War game could leave powdered wigs - and possible real-time strategy - behind. Sega is looking for ways to branch the franchise into different areas.

Napoleon: Total War Demo Released

Today Sega released a demo for Napoleon: Total War. It's available through Steam and allows you to try out one full mission of the game.

Empire: Total War: Elite Units of the East DLC Release, Total War Series Now 66% Off

Napoleon: Total War's just a couple weeks away but The Creative Assembly's still producing content for its predecessor Empire: Total War. They've just released the "Elite Units of the East" DLC through Steam.

Napoleon: Total War Release Date Announced

The Creative Assembly expected Napoleon: Total War to go gold this week and it seems that's just what happened. They've announced a firm release date for the game.

Napoleon: Total War Could Go Gold This Week

Napoleon: Total War's expected February 2010 release is looking very doable. The Creative Assembly revealed today that the PC strategy game's development is nearly complete.

Napoleon: Total War Limited Edition Announced

If you don't want to buy Napoleon: Total War through Steam, you won't miss out on any additional content. Today Sega announced a Limited Edition of Napoleon: Total War will hit retailers in North America.

Napoleon: Total War Gameplay Trailer Released

Time to stop rewatching that GamesCom teaser trailer for Napoleon: Total War. Today Sega released the first gameplay footage.

Medieval II: Total War Now 75% Off

Want a cheaper version of Empire: Total War without powdered wigs? Steam's offering Medieval II: Total War for 75% off its normal price until December 10th.

Empire: Total War's Elite Units of America DLC Released

Today the turn-based strategy, real-time tactics game Empire: Total War received new downloadable content. The Elite Units of America content pack can be downloaded through Steam for $3.25.

Total War Developer Eyes PS3 And Xbox 360 For Next Game

The Creative Assembly's currently developing Napoleon: Total War but they're also planning a mystery game as well. Whatever the project is is, the studio's hoping it will push next-gen consoles to their limits.

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