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Unreal Engine 4 Demon Knight Trailer And Walkthrough

Two new videos have surfaced for the Unreal Engine 4, Epic's new flagship iteration of the one the most premier AAA design engines available on the market. The first demo is a brief glimpse of the UE4's newest features in action using the Demon Knight, while the second walkthrough is a lengthy 10 minute featurette of the new technology.

Upcoming Chinese MMO Is Not Made By Epic Games, Not Using UE4

Yesterday there were reports that a new MMO was in the works under the Epic Games China label after info from LinkedIn profiles surfaced. However, that's not necessarily the case, the Epic Games China division is not wholly affiliated with the main Epic Games branch and is instead a loose subsidiary with Epic's "blessings".

Epic Games Working On Next-Gen Unreal Engine 4 MMO

New info has surfaced indicating that Epic Games is currently hard at work on a next-generation MMO. Based on the information the project has been underway for about half a year and will supposedly embrace the next-gen antics that come along with the Unreal Engine 4.

Euclideon's Unlimited Engine Destroys Unreal, CryEngine With Voxel Atoms

It's hard to believe that the two biggest engines out there are now outdated. Yes, you read that right, the two biggest engines out there are outdated. How? Well, it's simple a middleware company called Euclideon, run by a chap named Bruce Dell, and they have an engine called the Unlimited Detail 3D Engine.

Epic: We've Neglected Unreal Series

Epic Games hasn't released a new game in their Unreal series since 2007. President Mike Capps admitted in a new interview that the company has neglected their shooter series in favor of other games.

Unreal Tournament III Gets New Content From Midway

Just recently Midway sent out a press release in conjunction with Epic Games to announce that they are currently working on bringing new content, FREE content to Unreal Tournament III. So what kind of content is it? Well, it’s not called the Titan Pack for nothing.

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