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Wasteland 2 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Over the years inXile has been fine-tuning the game and working on improving its playability until it was eventually ported over to home consoles. The latest console to receive the game is the Nintendo Switch, which will enable gamers to play Wasteland 2 at home or on the go.

Wasteland 2 Now Available

InXile Entertainment has gone and done it; they've finished Wasteland 2. After two years of development, nearly $3 million in crowd-sourced funding, and having to go through the Early Access phase, the isometric, post-apocalyptic RPG has finally finished the development gauntlet and is now available to the general public.

Wasteland 2 Gets August Release Date, Early Access Update

It looks like Wasteland 2 finally has a countdown to the apocalypse as inXile Entertainment announces and August launch window for the PC RPG. As an additional bonus for those who are already looking to the wastes for fame, fortune or escape, the Steam Early Access beta has received a new update that makes all of Arizona available for play.

Wasteland 2 Beta Released On Steam Early Access

inXile entertainment's post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 2 is now available for testing on the PC. You can purchase the beta game through Steam Early Access for $60 and get all future updates for no additional charge.

Wasteland 2 Beta Coming In December

It's been more than a year since the Kickstarter success of Wasteland 2, fully funded via the hard earned money of gamers. Brian Fargo and crew at inXile Entertainment have been hard at work on the isometric RPG, hoping to bring back some of the nostalgic moments of PC gaming, and the time is nearly upon us, as Fargo has set a time frame for the beta to release sometime in December.

Wasteland 2 Prison Level Walkthrough Features Morally Questionable Content

InXile Entertainment released a new video to their Kickstarter backers on YouTube and it features a walkthrough of the prison level from highly anticipated crowd-funded RPG, Wasteland 2.

Games Ship Buggy Because Of Publishers, Says Brian Fargo

everything you love about the game up until you get to the broken parts are because of the developers. All the borken parts? You can blame them on the publisher... according to Brian Fargo from inXile Entertainment.

Wasteland 2 Launch Delayed Due To Being Over-Funded

You know something you never hear about? A game that's been delayed because the devs have too much money and the extra time to make the game bigger, better and more feature-rich then they intended. You never hear about it... until today. Wasteland 2 is over-funded and will be delayed so the developers can fill out the game to fit the budget you provided them with.

Wasteland 2 Being Distributed By Deep Silver At Retail

The upcoming sequel to one of the most beloved, nostalgic RPG experiences from the olden days of gaming will be getting a retail release. I'm talking about the fan-favorite, crowd-funded, Kickstarted game from inXile Entertainment, Wasteland 2.

Wasteland 2 Gameplay Video Is More Impressive Than Big Budget RPGs

I haven't played a recent big budget RPG that actually feels like it compliments and extends the features from the old-school in a progressive and evolutionary way. Most mainstream RPGs these days seem more focused on nabbing Hollywood talent and bragging about the big budget. Well, Wasteland 2 is the complete opposite and it looks like gold.

Wasteland 2 Devs Want Your Creations So You Can Make Money

Talk about giving back to the community. Not only has inXile Entertainment gone the route of crowd-sourcing to get Wasteland 2 funded, but during the design process they'll also incorporate the community into the production process and make the assets of the game available to the public via Unity's microtransaction asset store.

First Wasteland 2 Gameplay Footage Released

There's so much anticipation in the gaming community surrounding the upcoming Kickstarter projects, mainly because gamers are curious what the projects will be like after putting their own hard earned money into the pockets of developers to make said games. Well, the first gameplay footage of crowd-funded indie title Wasteland 2 has surfaced and it looks passably good.

Wasteland 2's Lack Of Publisher Oversight Has Helped Development

Who knew that not having someone barking out focus-group friendly orders would actually improve productivity? Well, that's what seems to be the case over at inXile Entertainment headed up by Brian Fargo, who has admitted that the team is working fast and furious on Wasteland 2 thanks to a modest budget, streamlined accessibility to assets from the Unity store and a whole lot of high morale.

Wasteland 2 Screenshot Shows The Graphical Power Of Unity On A Budget

Brian Fargo and inXile Entertainment are making some progress with the upcoming crowd-funded open-world isometric RPG, Wasteland 2. The game's very first Unity powered screenshot has been released and it shows gamers just how good a game can look even when on a tight budget.

Wasteland 2 Comes With A Free Copy Of Wasteland

Successfully crowd-funded indie game, Wasteland 2, won't arrive all by itself on the digital doorsteps of gamers after being purchased. Instead, Wasteland 2 will also arrive with the first Wasteland as a bonus and a way of inXile Entertainment saying "Thank you!" to the gaming community.

Brian Fargo Assures Gamers Wasteland 2 Is Not An Origin Exclusive

InXile Entertainment's lead, Brian Fargo, took to Twitter to assuage gamers that Wasteland 2 is not an Origin exclusive and that EA's distribution service is just one of many that they will support upon the game's final release.

Wasteland 2 Running On Unity, Gamers Can Rejoice

This is really, really, really good news. It's not just good news for Unity Technology because the Unity Engine gets tons of exposure but it's good news for the gaming industry as a whole: a highly requested game is being designed on a cost effective engine.

Wasteland 2 Earns $2.9 Million Through Kickstarter

inXile entertainment's Kickstarter fund-raising drive for their post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 2 has concluded. The Newport Beach-based developer managed to raise nearly $3 million dollars through the crowdfunding site.

Obsidian: Kickstarter Isn't What The Industry Needs, It's What Players Need

In a lengthy interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, chief creative officer Chris Avellone from Obsidian Entertainment talked about working with inXile on the upcoming Wasteland 2 as well as the role of KickStarter in getting games made that players want.

Obsidian To Help inXile Design Wasteland 2

According to a press release from inXile, if Wasteland 2's Kickstarter surpasses $2 million they will bring some of Obsidian Entertainment into the fold to help design the game.

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