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World Of Tanks Is Getting A Huge Update In 2018

The online battlefields of World of Tanks are due for a major overhaul early next year, with the next update improving the game's soundtrack and look. For a game that's been bringing in millions of players for seven years, this should help breathe of fresh air for the dedicated community.

World Of Tanks 2 Isn't Happening After All

After seven years on the market, World of Tanks is still going strong. It's going so strong, in fact, that the folks at Wargaming have stated that they have no current plans to launch a sequel. Of course, that doesn't mean they won't continue adding copious quantities of content to the game over 100 million people are currently playing.

Developer Thinks World Of Tanks Is Going To Be Popular For A Really Long Time

Some developers know that they have a huge success on their hands. They put time and energy into maintaining the game years after its release. Other developers believe that they have a timeless classic in their possession, and they believe that their game will be around for decades... like

Wargaming Celebrates April Fool's Day With Hysterical In-Game Events

While a bunch of today's news has devolved into “Here's a bunch of cool stuff that isn't real”, Wargaming decided to do something different by giving gamers a bunch of cool stuff that is real... or at least, real within the context of being usable within their free-to-play games.

World Of Tanks Is Getting Its First Very British Update

Wargaming announced that they have an invasion of British armor coming to the PS4 version of World of Tanks. It's the first set of British tanks to appear on the PS4 version of the game, arriving a bit late behind the Xbox One and PC versions of World of Tanks. But it's better to be late than not show up at all... right?

World Of Tanks Finally Rolls Onto PlayStation 4

At long last, World of Tanks’s unique brand of rolling multiplayer combat has arrived on the PlayStation 4, becoming the latest in a growing line of free-to-play games to grace Sony’s system.

World Of Tanks Blitz Rolls Onto Android

Treadheads who don’t have an iDevice lying around have a lot to be thankful for today as Wargaming announces the launch of World of Tanks Blitz for the Android market. It’s all of the big tank battle you love of the online game, crammed into the palm of your hand.

World Of Tanks Launches Strongholds Mode

Get ready to roll, tread heads, because Wargaming has officially announced that World of Tanks Update 9.2 has gone live in North America, Europe, Asia and Korea, bringing along a new map and a new mode, Strongholds, for players to enjoy.

World Of Tanks, APB Reloaded, Nuclear Dawn Receive Major Updates

Some of the popular community-oriented action games that have dedicated communities have recently been updated with some brand new, much improved and fixed features.

World Of Tanks Blitz Opens Up Closed Beta Registration

Ever wanted a full-scale tank battle in the palm of your hands? In digital form it's certainly a promising concept. Which is exactly why you might want to take a look at World of Tanks Blitz, the free-to-play battle MMO that has officially rolled into its closed beta registration phase.

World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition Launching Next Week

World of Tanks rolls steadily onward toward its official launch on the Xbox 360 as Wargaming today announces a deployment date of Feb. 12 for the free-to-play online battle game.

World Of Tanks Beta Weekend Underway On Xbox 360

The Microsoft family of platforms is finally dipping its toe a little bit further into the world of free-to-play gaming as Wargaming's rolling battle game, World of Tanks, enters into open beta on the Xbox 360 this weekend. And if you take a bit of time to give the game a go over the next couple of days, you'll even get some in-game rewards to boot.

World Of Tanks Offers New Content Tomorrow In Update 8.7

The gang over at Wargaming sure does mean business when it comes to updating their titles. It feels like a new update sporting fresh content and upgrades is announced every few weeks and, today, said announcement is for Update 8.7. Unsurprisingly, it adds new tanks, a new map and, yep, some of those upgrades I was just talking about.

Microsoft Amending Certification Process For World Of Tanks

By now, most gamers are well aware of the lengthy, timely and painstaking process of getting a game certified on Microsoft's home consoles. The process has been much maligned – sometimes publicly – due to limiting the amount of times a game is updated and patched, as well as how often it receives additional content. Well, Microsoft is granting some form of leniency in this process for World of Tanks.

World Of Tanks Xbox 360 Beta Registration Begins

World of Tanks is steadily rolling towards release on the Xbox family of consoles, beginning with an impending beta for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

World Of Tanks Coming To Xbox 360, Will Be Free For Xbox Live Gold Members

If you enjoy World of Tanks on PC or if you've never played it on PC, Microsoft and are giving you the opportunity to play and enjoy the game on Xbox 360, so long as you have an Xbox Live Gold account. Now that the company has done away with Microsoft Points, you'll be able to easily and efficiently purchase Gold status and Marketplace items for real-world currency value.

World Of Tanks Update 8.5 Rolls Out

It’s time to make more stuff go boom as Wargaming finally releases update 8.5 to its online vehicle battle game, World of Tanks.

World Of Tanks Update 8.5 Adds More Tanks, New Map

If you’re going to have a “World of Tanks,” then you better very well offer a ridiculous number of armored vehicles for players to enjoy. It’s a good thing, then, that Wargaming is once again increasing its online battle game’s roster with the inclusion of some new tanks in update 8.5, as well as the added bonus of making some previously premium-only content available to the free-to-play crowd.

World Of Tanks, World Of Warplanes (Probably Not) Getting Invaded By Zombies

Zombies are coming to World of Tanks and World of Warplanes…Maybe. The fact of the matter is that it’s April Fools’ Day and this latest bit of news concerning Wargaming’s hit and upcoming free-to-play vehicular battle games seems awfully suspicious. But why worry about what I think when you can read up on it, watch the video and decide for yourself?

World Of Tanks: Blitz Bringing War To Mobile Devices

Wargaming has announced that the hugely successful formula of multiplayer strategic battle game World of Tanks has been squeezed down into a brand new, tiny package for mobile devices. Introducing: World of Tanks: Blitz.

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