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World Of Warplanes Finally Launches Today

World of Warplanes is finally ready to take to the skies as Wargaming announces the official launch of the free-to-play aerial combat game for PC today, Nov. 14. In case that didn’t quite sink in: You can start dogfighting right this very second, free of charge.

World Of Tanks, World Of Warplanes (Probably Not) Getting Invaded By Zombies

Zombies are coming to World of Tanks and World of Warplanes…Maybe. The fact of the matter is that it’s April Fools’ Day and this latest bit of news concerning Wargaming’s hit and upcoming free-to-play vehicular battle games seems awfully suspicious. But why worry about what I think when you can read up on it, watch the video and decide for yourself?

World Of Warplanes Beta Gets New Flight Mode, Enhanced Graphics With Latest Update

World of Warplanes, the free-to-play aerial combat MMO from Wargaming, is still in closed beta but, as the developer draws closer to opening the doors to more pilots, more content is constantly being plugged in. Today’s new update, for instance, adds a completely overhauled flight model, as well as improved mouse controls and additional tweaks.

PointMMO Giving Away World Of Warplanes Beta Keys

We’re still not sure when World of Warplanes will be ready to launch but, if you’ve been looking to get in on the beta and have been having some trouble, you might want to check out PointMMO, a new digital gaming portal focused on free-to-play games that just so happens to be passing out 5,000 beta keys.

World Of Warplanes German Aircraft Trailer

The new trailer for World of Warplanes is all about the German aircraft. Fighters from the golden era of combat air-fighters are featured in the trailer, including bombers, dog-fighters and scouting planes.

E3 2011: World Of Warplanes Announced has another vehicle combat game up their sleeve. The World of Tanks publisher/developer announced they're currently working on World Of Warplanes.

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