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MAG Shutting Down This Week

You've only got two days left to play the massively multiplayer shooter MAG. Sony plans to shut down the servers for the 2010 PS3 exclusive on Tuesday along with two SOCOM games.

Zipper Interactive Shutting Down

The rumors were true: Zipper Interactive is closing its doors for good. Today Sony confirmed that they're shuttering the studio, best known for creating the PlayStation exclusive shooter series. The company has about 80 employees.

SOCOM Developer Shutting Down?

Zipper Interactive, creator of the SOCOM military shooter series, may be closing its doors soon. A new report suggests that Sony, who owns Zipper, is planning to shut it down due to unknown reasons.

SOCOM 4 Demolition Mode, Evac Co-op DLC Announced

Zipper Interactive revealed not one, but two, downloadable content packs are coming to their PS3 shooter SOCOM 4. The first, bringing back the popular Demolition game mode from previous SOCOM titles, will be released today for $9.99.

SOCOM 4 Dev Doc: Inspirational Music Score Takes Center Stage

Zipper Interactive isn’t just aiming to make another military shooter, they’re aiming to land the whole blockbuster experience and then some. One important piece of the game happens to be the music score and the new developer documentary explains just what sort of sound the composer was going for.

SOCOM 4 Dev Doc Covers The Tension Of Single-Player

The developers behind SOCOM 4 are working hard to convey an authentic military experience that not only enhances what players have experienced in previous SOCOM games, but to also offer up a brand new narrative that borrows a little bit from the Modern Warfare, blockbuster movie angle.

SOCOM 4 Open Beta Launches

For the past three weeks, PlayStation Plus and Killzone 3 owners have been testing out SOCOM 4's multiplayer. Today Zipper Interactive is opening the beta up to all PSN users.

SOCOM 4 Full Deployment Edition Announced

The standard edition of SOCOM 4 will be accompanied by a $149.99 U.S. Navy SEALs Full Deployment Edition. This limited edition bundle gives you everything you'll need to make use of the game's Move support.

SOCOM 4 Gets Release Date

Zipper Interactive ended the workweek by announcing the release date for PS3 tactical shooter SOCOM 4. It will be arriving as planned in April.

SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs Trailer Says It's Not For Self But For Country

Composed entirely of in-game footage, a new trailer from Zipper Interactive and Sony Computer Entertainment was released featuring some multiplayer gameplay and it looks hot.

MAG Birthday Celebrated With XP Bonuses

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of PS3 multiplayer shooter MAG's release. Zipper Interactive will be celebrating the occasion in three different ways.

SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Beta Access Bundled With Killzone 3

Killzone 3's launch will provide Sony with an opportunity to promote another first-party shooter. Buying KZ3 will earn you access to SOCOM 4's multiplayer beta.

MAG 2.0 Update Goes Live With Move Support

Zipper Interactive released the massive 2.0 update for multiplayer shooter MAG today. The patch includes support for PlayStation Move.

MAG 2 Revealed By Retailer?

Is Zipper Interactive about to announce a sequel to their multiplayer shooter MAG? Walmart seems to think so.

MAG Patch 1.07 Introduces Happy Hour

Patch 1.07 for multiplayer shooter MAG is now live. In addition to fixing bugs and adding a faction neutral version of Suppression game mode, the patch introduces a "Happy Hour" mechanic.

SOCOM 4 Delayed To 2011

SOCOM 4 will not be launching alongside PlayStation Move this fall. Developer Zipper Interactive confirmed today that the game has been pushed back into 2011.

MAG Interdiction Expansion Pack Adds Game Mode, Maps

Since MAG's release earlier this year, Zipper Interactive has been releasing new content in drips and drabs. However, now they're gearing up to release the game's first expansion pack, Interdiction, on June 22nd.

SOCOM 4 Soundtrack Made By Battlestar Galactica Composer

Zipper Interactive is enlisting some Hollywood talent for SOCOM 4. The soundtrack will be handled by Battlestar Galactica composer Bear McReary.

MAG Gets Another Double XP Weekend

Zipper Interactive is celebrating the release of a new downloadable content pack in the traditional manner. They plan to hold a double XP event this weekend.

MAG Fast Attack Pack DLC Coming April 29th

Multiplayer shooter MAG is about to get another helping of free downloadable content. Starting Thursday, April 29th, players will be able to download the Fast Attack Gear Pack.

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