File this one under the “let’s not make any judgments till we get our hands on the full version,” category. One of the more intriguing titles at TGS this year, No More Heroes revealed some of the core gameplay mechanic in a limited play test, as well as showcasing the combo and Wii control systems. Though the game is not the sequel to creator, Goichi Suda’s previous game, Killer7, it is very much a continuation of Suda’s unique style.

Up till now, information on the game was limited to some plot points and a few teaser trailers here and there. You play as Travis Touchdown (ed. Note: Best name ever), an otaku living in southern California, wielding a laser sword, and trying to up his rank as the number 11 assassin. Other assassins are a motley crew, including a French babe and schoolgirl babe (less is known about the others, though I assume babe will not be an inaccurate description of a few more). As for subject matter, Suda has said in interviews that while Killer7 dealt with politics, No More Heroes will tackle social issues.

So let’s see…a wise-cracking ne’er-do-well protagonist, hottie archetypes jumping around assassinating folks, over-the-top violence, nihilism masked as social commentary, and save screen where the main guy drops trow and proceeds to take a deuce. Sound cool? Sound like Kill Bill?

I have high hopes for any game that has high hopes for itself, so as I said, I’ll just file it away for now. I think most people are doing the same. As with his last game, Suda’s work just isn’t going to summarize well. Will it be an artistic rendering of our society’s indulgent and ultimately fallow search for self-realization? Or will it be just another childish prank holding up the banner of satire as an excuse to go hardcore with the commercialization of boobies and blood mess.

Or will it be the cruddy new breed of button-masher—Wii-flinger—that the game footage makes it seem like?

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