What we love so much about the Soul Calibur games is the lightning fast fighting, diverse characters, and the environments. All of those elements together make for an epic fighting game. The latest trailer gives us hope that we’ll be getting more of each, especially characters. Namco Bandai showed off Hilda, a female warrior covered in armor – no skin showing? Blasphemy! – who blames all the other fighters for the woes of the world.

That’s what we like to see Namco, more characters and more lightning fast fighting. Of course, classic characters like Mitsurugi and Ivy are shown. So no worries on your old favorite being around. And you’ll notice that Hilda carries a spear and a short sword, making her deadly in ranged attacks and up close. The combos are going to be disgusting. Namco isn’t saying anything yet, but we’d like to see some exclusive platform characters for Soul Calibur IV. The last game didn’t have it, and we missed the novelty. Plus, Link was a damn good fighter.

Watch the trailer from TGS below, and prepare to end the nightmare in 2008.

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