Eidos Montreal will be releasing the first full trailer for their Thief reboot this week. Today they sent out a brief teaser video to get stealth fans all riled up.

Thief is a reimagining of the stealth series from Looking Glass Studios. Garrett is a master thief who robs wealthy denizens of the City. He's not as strong as some other video game heroes so he needs to stay silent and hidden during his missions.

In the 30-second teaser video, a candle flickers in a darkened room. Suddenly a hand - presumably Garrett's - reaches out and extinguishes the flame with his fingers. Hope that means we can do that in the reboot as well. The ability to manually extinguish candles was a welcome feature in Thief: Deadly Shadows. Previous games forced you to shoot "water arrows" at any light sources to extinguish them.

The full trailer will be arriving on April 2nd. Thief will debut in 2014 on PC and consoles.

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