Activision has finally done their much-teased unveiling of the next Tony Hawk game. It's called Tony Hawk: Ride and it's got a hoverboard.

The first teaser video was released this morning and you can watch it below. It doesn't have any gameplay footage but it does show the new peripheral, which doesn't actually hover but looks like it should. Look at all those crazy buttons on the side.

Mr. Hawk himself was much more informative than the teaser. "The board controller is a marvel of new technology. Responds like a real skateboard, you can even go for grabs and the sensors detect it," wrote Hawk on his Twitter this morning. He further notes that the game will be released "this fall on all console platforms."

The official website for TH: Ride is now online but doesn't say much. The game will be featured in today's episode of GameTrailers TV and make an appearance at E3 though so expect more details soonish.

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