Nathan Drake may soon be returning to stores. South African retailer BT Games is now listing a Game of the Year edition for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

The GOTY edition listing, spotted by The Gaming Liberty, doesn't provide any details as to the content of the bundle. However, it mentions a release date of May 11th. Thus, we should expect an announcement from Sony soon if this listing isn't a mistake.

Uncharted 2 received its own GOTY edition back in 2010. It came with the base game as well as a voucher for all downloadable content released to date. The UC3 re-release will likely be the same sort of offering.

It's worth noting that even if this UC3 Game of the Year Edition is real, it might not come to your country. This might only be released in PAL territories. Still, North America did get the UC2 GOTY so there's plenty of reason to be hopeful.

A bundle of all of UC3's DLC would be a sizable package. It received a lot more post-launch content than its predecessor. Naughty Dog released 14 content packs for the game since November.

Though Game of the Year editions usually arrive after a developer stops producing new content for a given title, that might not be the case for UC3. After releasing a multiplayer map pack in April, Naughty Dog said that they have plans for additional DLC.

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