Old school meets new school in Velocity Ultra, the vertically-scrolling shoot-em-up that took PlayStation platforms by storm, as Curve Studios’ PC port finally makes its way to Steam on Dec. 12.

About a year ago, a PlayStation Mini by the name of Velocity popped up on my radar. It’s boasted simple graphics and a tiny price tag, yet several reviewers were talking about the game like it was one of the best things you could play on the PlayStation Portable. I decided to give the game a gander for myself and, yep, all of the praise Velocity was receiving turned out to be well founded.

While the game looks like a classic vertical scroller, the number of systems at play and creative controls (Teleporting!) make for a wholly unique experience. It’s a lot of fun, requiring an itchy trigger finger and a tactical mind in equal measures.

Flash forward to just a couple of months back and the HD-ified, overhauled version of the game, Velocity Ultra, launches on the PlayStation Vita, taking everything I loved about the original and multiplying it by 10. It’s a great game on either PlayStation platform and, starting Dec. 12, I’m guessing it will be just as wonderful on the PC thanks to a Steam release for $9.99.

Velocity Ultra is an arcade shooter that defies the convention of both terms, using the game’s unique teleportation mechanic to add an extra dimension to the action and a puzzle-like element without slowing down the pace,” reads the Steam launch statement. “Running on the PC at a smooth 60 FPS and featuring a phenomenal electronic soundtrack, it’s a game best viewed in motion.”

And you can do exactly that, of course, in the trailer below.

Giving props where props are due, Velocity Ultra is originally the work of FuturLab, with the Steam port being handled by Curve Studios. And yes, those are the folks who made Stealth Bastard, so you can rest assured that they know their stuff when it comes to making PC titles.

“Combining traditional vertical shooter gameplay with puzzle elements, players take control of the Quarp Jet, a teleporting spacecraft, to fight and dodge their way through ever more challenging levels and teleportation puzzles,” reads the Steam launch announcement. “The PC version features every single explosion, level and secret area as the PlayStation Vita original while taking advantage of customizable controls and full Steamworks support, including leaderboards, trading cards and achievements.”

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