Sundog Software and Trinigy have announced today that the two have collaborated their middleware software for a spectacular combination of visual splendor meeting gameplay density, as Sundog’s realistic sky rendering tool has been integrated into the Vision Game Engine.

Frank Kane, owner of Sundog Software commented in the press release, saying…
“By integrating SilverLining with Trinigy’s scene editor, completing realistic outdoor scenes in a game is now just a matter of a few clicks,”… “For games and training systems with outdoor environments, the sky and everything in it is a big part of the scene. We’re proud to offer our physically-based rendering to the long list of customers producing groundbreaking content with Trinigy.”

If you thought the only good scenes could come from Bryce, CryEngine or the Unreal Engine, then you thought wrong, and given that the Vision Engine supports games for every platform, including the Xbox 360, PS3, PSP, PC and everything else in between, gamers will definitely get to see the SilverLining showcased in newer games using the Vision Engine. This will be especially useful for upcoming MMOs, which is about as much about the environment and traveling as it is the questing and grinding.

Felix Roeken, general manager of Trinigy shared a few comments as well, saying…
”The SilverLining integration provides another great option and a valuable shortcut to PC developers seeking to include realistic time-of-day effects and volumetric clouds in their Vision-powered games and simulations,” … “From extensive programmatic control to easy access of SilverLining’s features via vForge, developers will appreciate the freedom and speed with which they can create realistic skies for any given time and location.”

Sundog Software’s Silverlining is currently available for use with Trinigy’s Vision Game Engine. You can learn more about the tools by visiting the Official Website.

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