A port of Terry Cavanagh's puzzle-platformer VVVVVV is about to be released for the 3DS. The game's set to arrive on the handheld's Nintendo eShop on December 29th.

VVVVVV depicts a group of space explorers who have been trapped in an alternate dimension. The captain, controlled by the player, must navigate this dimension and save his crewmates. The main twist of the gameplay is that you can't jump. Instead, you must reverse gravity so you fall up or down. As you bounce up and down across the screen, you'll need to avoid hazards like spikes and ghosts.

The game's style could be described as "aggressively retro." Like many old side-scrollers, VVVVVV is extremely difficult. The graphics make it resemble something from the Commodore 64 era. The soundtrack is entirely composed of chiptune, or music made from vintage video game sounds.

Note that the game will only be hitting North America on the 29th. If you're in Europe, you'll need to wait until sometime in January.

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