Telltale Games has sent out the full trailer for Episode 4 of their Walking Dead adventure series. This latest episode, "Around Every Corner," brings players to the city of Savannah, Georgia.

The Walking Dead game is centered on escaped convict Lee Everett and a group of fellow survivors. They're fleeing to the coastal city to find a boat that can help them escape the zombie outbreak. Meanwhile, Lee tries to help Clementine locate her missing parents.

Savannah is far from a safe haven, though. Cities, as any Walking Dead fan knows, are crawling with the infected. Furthermore, our heroes will encounter another group of survivors in Savannah have resorted to horrible measures to stay alive. There's some talk of a "militarized enclave" called Crawford.

"Around Every Corner" is expected to arrive later this month. Season Three of the TV show is supposed to premiere on October 14th. Maybe they'll try to release Episode Four at around the same time for some cross-promotion.

Telltale intends to release five episodes in total. They're going to release the entire five-episode collection in December so Episode Five will probably arrive in November.

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