The week ends on a high note despite all the controveries surrounding Microsoft's recently announced Xbox One home entertainment device. Sony has reiterated claims they made a while back, ensuring that used games are playable on the PS4 and no DRM will be attached. This spurred a host of victory cries from within the community who rallied together to show their appreciation to Sony for retaining integrity within the gaming industry. Thank you Sony, you are all elegant peers of a noble company. And Double Fine is back at it again for their Kickstarter of Massive Chalice. These stories and more in this June 1st, 2013 edition of the Gaming Weekly Recap.

Xbox One Always Kinect Twisted Nightmare Says Germany's Federal DPC Things just don't seem to be getting better for MS.

Awesomenauts Adding Psychic Girl Ayla A new character joins the cast with some sleek psychic powers.

Xbox One Won't Have Cloud or Digital Backwards Compatibility Well, it could be worse...right...right?!

Final Fantasy XIV Realm Reborn Release Date Set For August Square finally puts a release stamp on the redone and reborn XIV MMO.

Xbox One Region Locked No big surprise here.

DayZ Standalone Closed Alpha Underway, Pricing Details Discussed Dean “Rocket” Hall discusses the schedule for the standalone release of DayZ.

Epic Games VP Says Xbox One, PS4 Being Ahead of PC Is Bullcrap Well, of course it is.

76% of Gamers Disappointed With Xbox One, According to IGN Poll More of the same 'ole, same 'ole in the world of hatin' on the FailBox One.

Naissancee Brings Geometrical Horror to Life With Crazy New Trailer It's a real head trippy kind of game and feels like some sort of French-noir horror film designed by a certified architect.

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