We give thanks here at Gaming Blend and across the rest of Cinema Blend with a list of awesome things we enjoy about the entertainment and media industry. Euclideon also gives gamers a reason to give thanks, as they have made a revolutionary breakthrough with a little something called Voxel Atoms, which completely foregoes the need to use polygons in video games. Also, Ubisoft creates further between them and the PC market with extremely harsh words about piracy and PC ports. These stories and more in this November 26th, 2011 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.


1600 Hackers, Cheats, Exploiters Banned From Modern Warfare 3 Dropping the ban-hammer like it was meant to be dropped.

Xenonauts Is Another Turn-Based Game For X-Com Fans All the chatter about XCOM being an FPS has gathered up something viral within the indie community, forcing them to react as if their livelihood and the honor of Micropose depended on it.

Halo 10th Anniversary Xbox Live Stats Revealed So how well does Master Chief stack up against Soap and friends? Click the link to get the details.

Fusion Genesis Co-op Review A new review for a new game focusing heavily on twin-stick shooting mechanics, harnessing the power of retro-school gameplay.

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Review: it’s 4AM And I’m A Werewolf Now that’s what I like to hear out of a review…it’s too friggen good to put down. Now what does that say about the game?


Counter-Strike Global Offensive Beta Imminent it’ll already be up and at e’m by the time you read this.

Reggie Fils-Aime Rides Real Life Mario Kart Him and Miyamoto…this is what they do in their spare time. Yep.

Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 3D Land 3DS Bundles Announced Nintendo wants your money and they want it bad.

FBI Says Second Life MMO Harbors Dangerous Gangs Juggalo gangs to be exact…they’re like a clown gang or something…real deadly.

King Arthur II Dev Diary Talks Landscape, Lore and War One of the best dev diaries ever.

Lady Gaga Coming To Dance Central 2 If you like dancing and you like Lady Gaga then it’s a win-win situation for you.

DC Universe Online Player Base Growing Since Free-to-Play Switch Well if it didn’t grow after going F2P then SOE would be in a serious ditch.

Nexon introduces Prepaid Karma Koins At 70,000 Retailers Plenty of opportunities to pick up cash shop points from your local 7/11.

Square Enix Montreal Opening New Studio in 2012, Developing New Hitman

World of Warcraft Commercial Stars Chuck Norris: Human Hunter Is that a nuke going off? Nope, it’s just Chuck Norris performing a roundhouse and the aftermath that follows.

Max Payne 3 Special Edition Available For Limited Time Grab some extra goodies when you pre-order Max Payne 3.


FireFall Dev Diary Assuages Concerns Of Class balance Concerned about that medic becoming an uber-boss? No worries, Red 5 has it all under control.

Rayman 3 HD Announced For Xbox Live, PSN Take a journey into the wonderful world of Rayman on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

RAGE Demo Hits Xbox 360 If you’ve been cautious about picking up this game because you wanted to test the waters, well here’s your chance.

Spike Teases BioWare Next Game From the upcoming VGAs…Spike gives a hint at what BioWare will be working on next.

Earthrise Going Free-to-Play In 2012 Need more variety in your MMO gaming? Perhaps…futuristic-post-apocalyptic style?

Secret World Screenshots Head To The Edge Of The Universe A great glimpse at some of the more unique atmospheres featured in Funcom’s upcoming MMO.

Call of Duty Elite Racks Up One million Subscriptions People are really into the Call of Duty craze, that’s’ for sure.


World Record Set With Overclocked Corsair Extreme DDR3 Memory That is truly awesome…truly magnificent stuff right there.

Pathfinder Online Sandbox MMORPG Announced Now here’s something to be thankful for if you’re a fan of sandbox games and MMORPGs.

Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Sneaky Little Screenshots Released Running on the CryEngine 3, the game looks marvelous.

A Gamer’s Thanksgiving: What We’re Thankful For This Year A special thanksgiving tribute to some of the stuff happening in the industry right now

Pay Whatever You Want Humble Introversion Bundle Just as long as you pay something…if you pirate this then you probably aren’t a gamer but a software troll that lives under a digital bridge and you eat bunny heads for breakfast.

Why I Am Alive Won’t Be Released On PC You knew it wasn’t coming but now there’s a reason behind it.

Batman Arkham City PC Experiencing DirectX 11 Issues, Patch Incoming Don’t worry, tessellation will happen for Batman, believe it. It will happen!

Call of Duty Elite: Friday Night Fights Commence With Army vs Navy Who do you think will carry away the Friday Night First-Night Fight Crown? Army or Navy?


It’s Thanksgiving for crying out loud. You should be eating turkey and watching football. There’s no news here today. All right, all right, move it along folks, nothing to see here.


Ubisoft Revolutionizing FPS Genre With ShootMania Ubisoft revolutionizing the FPS genre.

Ubisoft Says No Ghost Recon Future Soldier For PC Ubisoft killing their support from PC gamers.

Rumor: Xbox 720 System Specs, 2012 Launch Unlikely More speculation surfaces for Microsoft’s new console.

Star Wars The Old Republic Jedi Consular Trailer Is Full Of Sages And Shadows Get a quick glimpse at the game while you wait for the beta to download.

Euclideon Unlimited Engine Destroys Unreal, CryEngine With Voxel Atoms Rendering gets a whole new scope with this next-generation atomized 3D engine.

Trine 2 Beta Cross Platform Compatible Play with friends across different platforms in the new beta.

Rumor: Gears of War Prequel Trilogy Planned Would you be willing to journey back into the fight and find out how it all started? I think that’s a very unanimous ‘yes’.

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Talent Calculator Goes Live


Angry Birds Flying Into Retail, Apparently Not Afraid of Piracy While one company restricts games from a platform because of piracy, another company moves games onto store shelves in spite of piracy. Nice.

Star Wars The Old Republic beta Weekend Begins That means you should be playing the game right now instead of reading this…although, we don’t mind, we actually enjoy your company.

Sly Collection Hits PSN Next Week Take Sly on a grand adventure once again in all its HD glory on the PS3.

Is Couch Co-op Gaming Dying? Very good question. In fact, Cooptimus goes out on a rather interesting textual adventure into the world of co-op couch gaming vs online co-op gaming and the stats that go along with them.

Rumor: Call of Duty Black Ops Might Get A Sequel Treyarch’s next FPS is expected to be a direct follow-up to Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Markers Of Dead Island Reveal Haste For XBLA It looks phenomenal to be a digital download game. You’ll definitely want to click the link for more details and screenshots.

Aubrey Plaza Dumps Boyfriend in World of Warcraft Commercial Following up on the Chuck Norris commercial, Blizzard taps more pop-cultural icons for another World of Warcraft commercial.

I Am Alive Still Might Come To PC It’s possible, it’s really possible.

That wraps up this November 26th edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap. You can check out the new trailer for the upcoming free-to-play FPS from Acony, Hedone, which features a lot of stuff gamers have been for in an FPS. Enjoy.

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