Microsoft mostly bit the bullet for this week's theme of “Everything That Could Go Wrong Is Going Wrong And Finding Its Way Online”. Not only did blatant confirmations go live making it absolutely clear, in the most irrefutable manner(s) imaginable that the Xbox One will be running many top-tier games at a max of only 720p, but there was also some unpleasant video footage of Battlefield 4 having major issues running on the Xbox One. Nothing went right for Microsoft this week... nothing at all. EA also parted ways with the scandalous Tiger Woods, and Sony released a very detailed FAQ for the PS4. These stories and more in this November 2nd, 2013 edition of the Gaming Blend Weekly Recap.

Sony Shows Pics of Games Running on Real PS4s, Not Nividia GTX Windows 7 PCs Well, Microsoft started it and Sony ended it. Bam!

Dark Souls 2 PS3 Beta Delayed Namco Bandai has delayed the beta for their highly anticipated game, Dark Souls 2 on the PS3. Find out why.

Battlefield 4 Graphics Upgraded From 720p to 900p For PS4 DICE has gone and done it, upgrading the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 for the PS4.

Nintendo Explains 2DS Features In A Parent-Friendly Trailer The video lays it out plain and clear for anyone having trouble understanding what Nintendo is trying to do with the new 2DS.

PS4 Outselling Xbox One in Pre-Orders Two-to-One The Xbox Done is done as far as pre-orders go in comparison to the PS4.

Microsoft's Embargo Prohibits Journalists From Revealing Call of Duty Ghosts runs at 720p On Xbox One One of the most visually unimpressive games coming to next-gen consoles struggles to maintain 720p and Microsoft doesn't want the press talking about it.

Ryse Confirmed at 30fps 900p Xbox One This is the final resolution and frame rate folks, take it or leave it.

Pandora Saga: Age of Discord Open Beta Launches The latest MMORPG heads into open beta for the masses.

7 Days To Die Returns To Steam After a hiccup in the legal department, the game is finally back on track. Good riddance.

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