WWE 13 will be bring back the popular Universe Mode with some improvements. Universe Mode essentially allows players to create their own custom version of WWE and shape it as they see fit.

Players will be able to schedule shows and then determine what wrestlers will take part in it. They can do the same for star-studded Pay Per View events. Players will have control over the arena and presentation for all of these shows, and can determine what types of matches will take place.

There are over 200 storylines that can take place in the league. Superstars will feud with each other in their quest for dominance. The player will have control over how these storylines play out.

All the while, the game is tracking all of the championships and other statistics taking part in this league. Players will have more control over this side of the game than before. They can edit the championship rankings if they wish or even start over their Universe from scratch.

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