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It's no longer being kept under wraps by an embargo by Microsoft; the secrets of the loyal members of the Doritocracy have been spilled thanks to insiders and the truth-seekers of NeoGaf. With the truth bombs dropped and the information now available for gamers, the question becomes: are you still going to buy an Xbox One?

It's no longer a debate. There are no longer any arguments to be had about it. In the same way that we know Peyton Manning owns on Donovan McNabb and the Red Sox mopped up the league with the Tigers, the PlayStation 4 now technically, spec-wise, feature-wise and software-wise owns up on the Xbox One.

The GDDR5 shared VRAM and streamlined designed process courtesy of Master Wizard Cerny gives the PS4 an obvious technological edge over the Xbox One, and while many people debated and denied it, it turns out that the actual proof is in the pudding and the facts speak volume in favor of the PS4.

Now I know some people would like to debate whether or not the Xbox One has the same features as the PS4, but can the Xbox One do native 1080p in Call of Duty: Ghosts like the PS4 and Wii U? Nope.

Can you play awesome space-ninjas saving the galaxy on the Xbox One the way you can on the PS4 with Warframe? Nope.

Can you play your Xbox One out of the box in offline mode without a day-one patch like the Wii U or PS4? Nope.

Can you even login to your Xbox One without the OS hanging up and locking up like Brett Favre's knees on the field? Well, let's refer to the hands-on OS footage of the Xbox One's dashboard...


Just in case... eight minutes later can you still login? Nope.

So basically, one has to ask: what's the benefit of the Xbox One? Well, if you get it for the exclusive games you can relish in the entertainment provided by the Xbox 720p. If you get it for watching TV on your TV, then you should be in good hands with all the subscriptions on top of subscriptions. Besides, Americans love over-paying for sub-par quality and getting lousy goods at marked up prices... just look at Apple and the iPhone 5C.

The real highlight of the Xbox 720p/One is that the entertainment device has a really awesome controller that has been universally praised for being the one saving grace for the $500 console. Now so long as you don't mind paying half-a-grand for a cool controller then I guess it's not too bad a choice.

However, if you want high-end graphics for your games you probably do better going with the Wii U since it legitimately has all the popular 1080p 60fps games without downscaling or downgrading like on the Xbox One. I mean, can the Xbox One hang with the quality of the Wii U and its 2014 software line-up? Nope.

So, for those of you sticking with the green brand, how does it feel knowing that you're spending $500 not only coming in behind the technological curve but also coming in behind the relative output power of the Wii U and PS4 on the gaming front? Does the fact that the Wii U and PS4 seem to show a greater prevalence of graphics prowess deter you from your decision to keep with your Xbox One pre-order or is brand loyalty a virtue that runs strong and thick through your veins?

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