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So a new promo video from the guys and gal at Extra Credits walks gamers through the concepts of Staged Content in the upcoming MMO, FireFall. It was something we briefly discussed before in a video that Red 5 Studios released back in the beginning of March during the chaotic time of Mass Effect 3's ending and Street Fighter X Tekken raping wallets at local retailers.

The Extra Credits video talks more about the concept of Staged Content and its potential effects on the industry as opposed to the staged content itself. With their brief summation of the free-to-play content paradigm and how it works against traditional trends in the MMO industry, it did raise some questions about MMOs that follow suit after the release of FireFall. Check it out in the video below.

Essentially, the MMO industry sort of relies on its tried and true methods of level-based areas, group-based zones, and end-game content for those who either paid-to-win or grinded to be the "best". With FireFall it completely destroys that concept, it's an industry killer for all those old-school tactics of grinding for the sake of getting stronger and getting stronger for the sake of grinding, hence it's about rinsing and repeating recycled concepts.

FireFall's world-building goal really is fascinating, and reminds me a lot of Anteworld being built on the absolutely stunning Outerra Engine.

Anyways, if Red 5 Studios can pull this feat off...if they can get this sucker out there and beat the crap out of the craggily old cloned-concept of grinding to get stronger and getting strong to grind, then a lot of other cash-in MMO clones will have to come up with something better if they hope to survive the new competitive arena of free-to-play multiplayer gaming.

You can learn more about FireFall or sign-up to participate in the beta by visiting the Official Website.

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