On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...
John Lennon’s Happy Christmas (War Is Over)

Originally conceived as an anti-Vietnam rallying cry, “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)” has become a yearly staple for holiday radio stations each December. It features John sarcastically lambasting listeners about another year going by without anything being done while the Harlem Children’s Choir croons ‘War Is Over’ in the background. It’s really a brilliant piece of protest music, but few are clever enough to pick up on its scathing double meaning.

It’s important to also note Yoko Ono was given songwriting credits on this, like a lot of other Lennon compositions, but I’ve chosen to withhold any verbal praise because well, she’s a huge bitch who has ruined almost everything she’s ever been associated with. I wouldn’t want her foul, meddling fingers to infect Christmas too. So, bless you, yes you John Lennon. Your song, “Happy Christmas (War Is Over)”, is absolutely brilliant, and I hope where ever you are, you’re delighting people with thought-provoking music.

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