The muscle-building web of steroids is growing and growing in scope. First it was bodybuilding. Then HGH shot itself into professional football, track and field and baseball; now, the allure of performance enhancing drugs has hit Hollywood. A new Albany-based steroid probe has released over ten-thousand names uncovered in the client records of Human Growth Hormone trackers. Among those listed were rapper 50 Cent, acclaimed producer Timbaland, Wyclef Jean, and Mary J. Blige.

I can’t say the possibility of 50 Cent juicing surprises me, but who the hell saw Wyclef Jean or Mary J. Blige coming? It kind of makes you wonder who else is rapped up in this testosterone-ridden web of lies. Pun very much intended. Why is this even necessary? Is Wyclef Jean planning on running a few marathons? Is Mary J. Blige trying to increase hand speed so she can hit a major league fastball?

It’s important to note the Albany Union Times only cites confidential sources; so, Cinema Blend has no way of verifying this information. It’s simply an intriguing story another news service is reporting. Hopefully, more credible sources will begin emerging, thus allowing us to give you more than just speculation. Until then, treat this as nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumor.

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