After a brief argument about whether John Mayer is a genius or total tool, my co-worker lashed out at me with some fighting words--"I love Chris Brown." In a matter of seconds, my face went red, my volume shot up and I quickly retorted, "YOU LOVE DOMESTIC ABUSE!" I was able to calm down before pulling an Andy Bernard and having to go to anger management classes, but my co-worker had me on the verge of a breakdown by playing that god-awful Wrigley's jingle song. Double his pleasure, double my anger.

Chris Brown's music isn't the problem. Though I've never been particularly enthusiastic about any of his singles, he's a talented kid. But there's also no denying that he totally fucked up. Whether the equation involved herpes, Paris Hilton or both, the pint-sized R&B prince hit his girlfriend, and his violent ass needs to be tarred and dethroned.

Sure, America loves a good comeback. We stuck with Britney through the cheetos, Kevin Federline and the head-shaving to witness her achieve her first number one hit since her debut. Arguably most of the interest in Spears was rubbernecking at the complete train-wreck her life had become, but the bottom line is that she didn't physically hurt anyone. Provided that you don't villainize vapid pop music or occasionally poor parenting, it was morally sound to be rooting for Brit. Well, sort of.

And that's what was so sickening about the reaction to this situation. Following Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna, the immediate question on the media's mind was, "How is he going to bounce back?" Rumors began flying to justify that this was somehow Rihanna's fault, with people going as far as saying, "She had it coming to her." Are you fucking kidding me?

I don't care if his father said that he's "remorseful". Did the media back down because Michael Phelps or A-Rod said that they were sorry? Hell no. Much like Phelps, Chris Brown was on top of the world before recent events, but am I the only person who believes hitting a bong is more forgivable than hitting someone you supposedly love? Let's not rush into putting him back on his pedestal.

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