On March 9, Boston singer Brad Delp committed suicide at his Atkinson, N.H., home, leaving a gaping void in the music world. Fox News reports that the compelling vocalist who wailed such '70s classics as “More Than A Feeling” and “Long Time” died of carbon monoxide poisoning from strapping himself between two charcoal grills.

Delp, 55, left a revealing note behind, which said "I am a lonely soul." His fiancée, Pamela Sullivan, phoned police after realizing there was a vent tube connected to the exhaust pipe of his car. Police found the note taped to the door in the garage leading into the house.

"To whoever finds this I have hopefully committed suicide. Plan B was to asphyxiate myself in my car," Delp admitted. "I take complete and sole responsibility for my present situation. I have lost my desire to live. Leaving instructions on how to contact his fiancée, he also wrote, "Unfortunately she is totally unaware of what I have done."

Delp even left other notes to warn emergency paramedics of the dangerous amount of carbon monoxide surrounding the scene of his death.

Suicide is always a heart-wrenching subject to discuss. It’s quite clear by the meticulously drawn out execution of Delp’s suicide that he wanted to die. Why he wanted to die is anybody's guess based on the letter he left behind. However it is awfully difficult for us to grasp what a suicidal person thinks and feels. Sometimes we think we do, which runs into harsh, chastising judgments. Nobody will ever truly know what he went through but him.

We here at CB Music wish to offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Brad Delp. To us he was a great musician; to them he was so much more. But his imprint on the world will last forever through his timeless Boston melodies.

On a side note: If any of you out there are feeling suicidal or know anyone who is showing signs of erratic thoughts or behavior, know that there is always help and always hope. A good source of suicide help and prevention can be found here.

Farewell, Brad Delp. We pay our respects with this little blast from the past:

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