Here it is, finally--Avril Lavigne’s opportunity to dodge blame for her latest debacle, The Best Damn Thing. And guess what, she’s blowing it.

As relayed by, Canada’s bad girl wannabe is under assault for her writing credits attributed to the release. Singer-songwriter Chantal Kreviazuk has accused Lavigne of stealing her song “Contagious,” of which a track of the same title appears on the April release.

In an interview with the magazine Performing Songwriter, Kreviazuk twisted the knife further, saying, "Avril doesn't really sit and write songs by herself or anything … [she] will also cross the ethical line, and no one says anything.". She continues, "That's why I'll never work with her again."

Instead of coming out and saying that she did or didn’t write these songs herself, she’s taking the high road and not acknowledging the accusations. L.A. musician Evan Taubenfeld, who also collaborated on The Best Damn Thing, is thus far the only one to offer any comments, merely saying that any similarities found in the songs “Contagious” end with the title.

Lavigne has fallen prey to prior attacks against her songwriting credibility before. Lauren Christie of the production crew The Matrix, which brought us “I’m With You” and "Sk8er Boi'' (two of Avril’s most recent hot tracks), once said of the punky canuck’s writing regiment that she would not do much more than "change a word here or there." Ouch, that one had to sting a little, so much so that Avril vowed never to work with The Matrix again.

Kreviazuk is not above public whining but has promised she will not take the issue to court. "Art should not be subject to that kind of controversy. Art should be pure. In my head it is, anyway."

Wait, then what’s the issue again?

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