Paul McCartney’s new video, “Dance Tonight,” debuted on YouTube Wednesday morning. This is his first video release for the upcoming Memory Almost Full album, and what a great one it is.

Right off the bat it’s clear this is directed by Michel Gondry. The guy has made astonishing videos for the best music has to offer, plus some good movies like Eternal Sunshine. His latest video features a delivery man coming to Paul’s door in the country dropping off a mandolin (I only know it’s a mandolin because Paul corrects him when he mistakenly calls it a banjo).

When he starts plucking away at his instrument and playing the new ditty, what appear to be ghosts in odd getups come out dancing around the house. One of them turns out to be none other than Natalie Portman.

As for the song, it’s an impressive one from Sir Paul. It’s catchy, uplififting, light-hearted and fun. This guy just can’t stop proving why he deserves to be the legend he is.

It’s also cool to see Mackenzie Crook, who played Gareth Keenan (the British Dwight Schrute) in the U.K. version of ‘The Office’, as the delivery guy. This is a really well done video. My hats off to everyone involved.

Wow, and I almost went through this whole article without mentioning the Beatles. Incredible.

Check out the awesome video for “Dance Tonight” right here:

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