The death of Christopher ‘B.I.G.’ Wallace will never be solved. Like the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, some things are just better left creepy and conspiracy-ridden mysteries. A few years ago, convicted felon Waymond Anderson gave testimony implicating two rogue police officers in B.I.G.’s notorious murder. He’s now rescinded that story, favoring a new bizarre series of events in which the deceased’s family bribed him in exchange for telling fallacies. Roswell is so 1947.

According to Billboard, Wallace’s estate has filed a lawsuit accusing Anderson of lying when he said he lied. They claim Waymond undermined his own veracity in an attempt to ”negatively affect public sentiment and the jury pool.” That must be it. I’m sure an incarcerated murderer is really contemplating the weight of his words and how they might affect a potential jury pool.

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