Big Boi, the more masculine member of Outkast, is moving forward with his plans to put on a ballet. You can go ahead and do that thing where you rub your fists over your eyes in disbelief right now. The musician, who many (including me) have hailed as a visionary, will join forces with the Atlanta Ballet and members of Purple Ribbon Entertainment to put the dance extravaganza on. While I’m not ready to bust out my own tap dancing shoes yet, I do applaud Big Boi for having the courage to pursue all his dreams, no matter how artsy.

According to Pitchfork Media, the gyrating gigs will begin on April 10th and run through the 13th. That’s only six performances; so, book your flights to Hot-lanta now. I can’t imagine tickets won’t disappear quickly. This is the kind of thing gang members like, right? No? Nevermind then. Atlanta is like a thugged-out Sodom; so, I doubt many citizens will drive their stolen Escalades to the Fox Theater. That means you can check with your wife first before blowing the Christmas Bonus on Outkast spin-offs.

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