The following is an excerpt from a Cinema Blend exclusive interview with Shear Genius runner-up Ben Mollin.

Ben: I developed a strong love for...Bill Withers...the kind of stuff that is timeless.
Mack: Bill Withers’ voice is perfect.
Ben: You can’t fuck with Bill. Just can’t fuck with him, man.
Mack: If there’s one thing you learn from this interview, it’s don’t fuck with Bill Withers.
Mack: Bill Withers will kill you.

Apparently, Barack Obama agrees, or at least his campaign advisor does. The Presidential candidate had been using Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, but after an embarrassing faux-pas where the Illinois Senator walked out to the braggadocios tune after losing New Hampshire, he’s scrapped the song in favor of Bill Withers’ “Lovely Day.” Hell Yes. I could listen to Bill’s angelic, soulful voice all day.

According to The Guardian, the Obama camp gave no official announcement about the swap-a-roo, but the new, more humble track has been in place since last Wednesday. It’s unlikely this musical flip-flop will gain or lose any voters, but any excuse to listen to Bill Withers is a good one. Like this story for example. Here’s a YouTube video...

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