If Beyonce had a dollar for every time someone accused her of stealing parts of their songs, she could afford to take care of all the people whose songs she ripped off. And by "take care of" I mean brutally murder, not send a fruit basket with an attached "sorry" note. According to Music-News.com, a Minnesotan songwriter has accused Beyonce of illegally using her hook and some of her lyrics in the Beyonce/Sean Paul hit "Baby Boy". Jennifer Armour of Shakopee, MN claims that her former manager gave demos of her song "Got a Little Bit of Love For You" to both Columbia and Atlantic Records, home to both Beyonce and Seal Paul. Years later, when Armour heard "Baby Boy" on the radio, she was blown away. "I do believe it was the heart of my song. When I first heard it, it hit me." A Houston judge dismissed the allegations last year but Armour pressed on, taking her case to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals where the case was heard for three days. Of course Beyonce did not attend the hearing as is standard for musicians who are simply too busy to pencil in time for petty things like artistic integrity.

We all know how this one ends. Beyonce gets off the (stolen) hook and goes back to spending her days lounging around hot tubs filled with $10,000 bills and the small town singer/songwriter goes back to reworking Christmas carols for her church's annual Funky Christmas Special. True, there are plenty of people out there who spend the majority of their heavily-medicated lives dreaming up ways to get mentioned in the same sentence with stars like Beyonce. But whether or not the thievery actually occured is FAR less amusing than what it is Armour is claiming Beyonce ripped off. Let's take a closer look at the lyrics in question, shall we?

Baby boy you stay on my mind

Fulfill my fantasies

I think about you all the time

I see you in my dreams

Baby boy not a day goes by

Without my fantasies

I think about you all the time

I see you in my dreams

I get that it's the principle of the matter, but aren't these the type of lyrics you find jotted in your notebook of scribbles back in the days of writing songs to perform to an audience of stuffed animals and members of your imaginary fan club? Let 'em go, Jen!

And perhaps Beyonce should look into getting some original material instead of "borrowing" things from every other pop star around her (and helpless songwriters from the midwest). She's like a three year-old's sucker, collecting a little piece of everything as it gets passed around the daycare. She even ripped off Britney's cankles for crying out loud. That's low.

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