In general, I’m all for pretty ladies wearing little amounts of clothing. If someone put a referendum on the ballot, I would vote in favor, but this endorsement isn’t quite an entire population covering blanket. There are occasional times when booty shorts and halter tops aren’t appropriate. Girls, go ahead and prance around in your bikinis anywhere on the East Coast, but do not, under any circumstances, clad yourself in cleavage revealing outfits anywhere in Malaysia.

According to Music-News, Beyonce pulled out of an upcoming Malaysian concert because she was unwilling to cover her fine ass up. Are you serious, Miss Knowles? Having the right to wear skanky clothes in a foreign country isn’t exactly an issue worthy of taking a stand about. Just put on an orange rain poncho and go sing for the nice people. By refusing to perform, it’s almost like the former Destiny’s Child member is telling the world, “I know you’re not buying tickets for my singing; so, there’s no point in my coming if I can’t saunter around in my skivvies.”

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