Bjork does not take well to journalists at the airport. Repeat: Bjork does not take well to journalists at the airport.

Too bad New Zealand Herald shutterbug Glenn Jeffrey missed the memo because when the “Army of Me” singer arrived at Auckland’s International Airport Sunday for her performance at the Big Day Out festival, she tore the crap out of his shirt for trying to take her picture.

Ignoring a male companion’s request to leave the singer alone, Jeffrey insisted, ‘‘I took a couple of pictures ... and as I turned and walked away she came up behind me, grabbed the back of my black skivvy [T-shirt] and tore it,’’ he told a press conference Monday.

In some warped warpath fashion, Bjork reportedly didn’t utter a word during the ordeal, with only the male companion of hers saying, ‘‘’B, don’t do this, B, don’t do this,’’’ Jeffrey said.

Mirroring a 1996 incident when Bjork KO’d a journalist for welcoming her to Bangkok, it’s clear the Icelandic wonder is on bad terms with media personnel during her personal time, though neither one ever pressed charges on the singer.

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