It took me a while but I found them—the spandex bike shorts with the decade-old sweat stain crusting white around the buttocks; the yellow mesh tank top, still sporting dabs of dried ketchup and mustard, topped off with the slight odor of Milwaukee’s Best and the smell from a cigarette my friend was smoking the entire ride from St. Paul; a cigarette that filled the car with a sweet foreign aroma and somehow made my eyes appear bloodshot by the time we arrived at the show.

The year was 1989. The band: Skid Row. The place: some dive in Chicago, Illinois.

What you ask, prompted me to retrieve these relics from their “forever home” inside the refrigerator’s vegetable crisper? Ladies and gentlemen, buckle your seatbelts—teased hair and banana hammocks are making a comeback, thanks to the latest news that Sebastian Bach will be the opening act for the upcoming Guns N Roses tour, set to kick off October 20th.

Bach, the lanky, hyper-active frontman for the successful late 80’s/early 90’s rock band Skid Row, skillfully screamed his way into the hearts of adoring fans with such hits as “I Remember You,” “Youth Gone Wild,” and “18 and Life.”

Yet Sebastian Bach, who rarely shied away from the cameras and limelight, appears to have kept a certain talent hidden from the public eye—his knack for interpersonal communication.

In an interview with Billboard, Bach reveals that he is one of the few individuals able to maintain semi-regular contact with legendary singer/recluse, Axl Rose. While Bach does not elaborate on the closeness of their relationship, he maintains that they have been “really good friends"—despite a break for a brief five years (which is five minutes in Axl Rose time).

But now, it appears that Bach’s ability to persevere is paying off. Guns N Roses, sporting yet another “fresh” lineup behind Axl, is poised to kick-off their tour at the end of this month, and Bach couldn’t be more excited to join them. "I've been waiting to do this and it's just an unbelievable feeling for me to do 36 dates with Guns N' Roses now as a solo artist," he said. "And selling out the Garden is just blowing my mind."

“38 and Life”—Bach finally has it.

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