Bob Dylan recently discussed with Rolling Stone magazine, as subsequently relayed by the fine blokes at NME, of his continued admiration and friendships with Beatles members both alive and gone.

The legend candidly divulged that George Harrison, particularly, struggled with finding his voice within the revolutionary quartet. "George got stuck with being the Beatle that had to fight to get songs on records because of Lennon and McCartney. Well, who wouldn’t get stuck?".

Dylan didn’t hold back in praising the Beatle who was most serious from the beginning about being a musician: "If George had had his own group and was writing his own songs back then, he’d have been probably just as big as anybody."

That’s an interesting point Dylan brought up, given that each artist’s desire to broaden his work may have, ultimately, been the biggest factor in the Fab Four’s breakup.

Furthermore, Dylan scoffed at the perpetual rumors that he had competitive feelings toward McCartney and Lennon: "They were fantastic singers. Lennon, to this day, it’s hard to find a better singer than Lennon was, or than McCartney was and still is." Dylan concluded his praise of the “cute” Beatle: "I’m in awe of McCartney. He’s about the only one I’m in awe of. He can do it all. And he’s never let up…He’s just so damn effortless."

I’m inclined to agree with his acclaim for McCartney, because while the music he produces may not be up there in quality, the man can still put on a show and sing like he’s 25. But as for Bob Dylan himself, the 65-year-old can still release a solid album like Modern Times, so he’s apparently ahead of the 60-plus pack. Nice of him to throw his fellow old-timers a bone.

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